Indoor or Outdoor Commercial Cultivation? Choosing the Best Option

Wouldn't it be convenient to have your clones close to your harvest, trimming area, drying, curing, and storage areas?

How nice would it be to have your entire cultivation process in one place, with a layout that allows shifting from one stage to the next as seamless as possible? Transitioning from different stages of the growth process is more efficient and labor-intensive in cannabis production with a tight, organized design structure. While you may already be aware that indoor cannabis production offers this advantage over outside growth, let's have a look at some of the other advantages of growing cannabis inside! Controlling the environment and increasing cannabis protection are two important reasons why a farmer should opt to cultivate indoors rather than outside.

indoor cultivation light water integration control

Controlling the Variables

When cultivating cannabis outdoors, the climate is always changing, which will surely affect your cannabis in a variety of ways. As a result, the three most important factors in cannabis growth (humidity, temperature, and light) may not be as ideal as you had planned. Any of these three variables that are out of whack can lead to growth issues and an increased risk of mold growth, rendering the plant useless. This is no longer a concern in an indoor facility. A cultivator can expect consistent results in their cannabis crop in rooms with technology that can constantly modify these factors to an optimal degree. Cultivators in states with cold winters benefit greatly from maintaining a healthy environment because they can cultivate all year.

indoor cultivation protect plants


Cannabis plants are safe from hurricanes, fires, and tornadoes when they are grown indoors, but there are also other methods of protection that you may not be aware of. Many elements out of a grower's control, such as pesticides, poisons, and heavy metals, can infect outdoor plants through the air. Contamination by insects using their plants as a home or food source is a more common problem for outdoor farmers. Caterpillars, moths, spider mites, and ants are the most prevalent. In a secure indoor facility, these difficulties are minimized. Rooms can be locked using key card access in a secure indoor facility, allowing only specified staff to access certain areas, reducing unintentional contamination and increasing monitoring capabilities. Advanced security also lowers the risk of plant theft, which is more common in outdoor settings.

indoor cultivation higher yields


So, how does the final product stack up in both indoors and out? Cannabis cultivated indoors, where cultivators take advantage of the advantages of the indoor environment, produces a higher-quality product. When the temperature, lighting, and humidity are all adjusted correctly and the plant is handled attentively, the outcome is a bloom with a greater terpene concentration than an outdoor grown plant. A higher THC concentration derives from a larger terpene count, resulting in improved potency and sensory experience. Cannabis grown indoors sells for a higher price than cannabis grown outdoors due to its higher grade.

GROW Mobile System

The GROW Mobile System eliminates wasted aisle space and allows for multiple levels of growing area, significantly increasing the amount of your yield. By maximizing space, reducing energy use, and improving efficiency, this mobile vertical racking technology helps create better places to work and grow.

cannabis 1-4 tier vertical racking

cannabit harvest drying rack system

Cannabis Drying System

The cannabis drying system is Spacesaver's newest product which helps preserve plant quality by minimizing handling. Taking the bar off the cart rather than touching the plant means fewer crushed or disturbed leaves and buds, increasing the final amount of terpenes for the best product possible.

Get in Touch with Indoor Cultivation Experts

Are you starting to think about how you want to grow? With the ability to regulate your climate, safeguard your cannabis, and maximize your yield in an impressively structured layout, an indoor cultivation facility is the most efficient option. Your business will GROW as much as you want it to with the help of our products in your indoor cultivation facility. With a free consultation, you can get started right away.

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