Cannabis Cultivation and Drying

GROW your yields and GROW your profits.

We help commercial cannabis growers in Colorado optimize their space and maximize their profits. Our mobile vertical racking systems that slide on rails let you grow and dry more product in your new or existing facility. These cannabis racking systems can also accommodate new or existing lighting, irrigation, and ventilation systems.

More Canopy in the Same Space

Safe, Comfortable Workplace

Lower Cost Per Plant

The GROW Mobile System

Mobile Racking for Cannabis

Take your commercial grow to the next level with mobile vertical racking. The GROW Mobile System eliminates wasted aisle space to create more canopy area while still providing full access to every plant.

Mobile “carriages” that move along rails.

Designed to fill cannabis growers’ needs for robust mobile racking systems for commercial cannabis production, the ActivRAC® 3M Mobilized Storage System consists of rails installed into or on top of the floor, along with mobile “carriages” that move along the rails. This creates a high-density grow area and allows staff to open an aisle wherever and whenever they need it.

  • 3,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section System can extend up to 60’ long
  • Ergonomic handle moves thousands of pounds with minimal effort
  • Works with new or existing racking or shelving
  • User-activated anti-roll safety lock
  • Diagonal carriage bracing maintains alignment

cannabis mobile growing system

In-floor Rail

cannabis mobile growing system

Surface-Mounted Rail

cannabis mobile growing system

Anti-tip Rail

cannabis vertical racking indoor colorado grow system

Mechanical-assist handles safely move thousands of pounds with minimal effort.

Rails can be recessed or installed on top of the floor.

Diagonal bracing maintains carriage alignment over years of use.

widespan heavy-duty indoor farming shelving table systems

Lights can also be hung from trays and top decking.

Fully welded horizontal bracing creates large openings for horticultural accessories like lighting, ventilation, and other systems.

Optional steel drain trays can be tilted to manage run-off.

Want to go vertical to gain even more growing area?

Spacesaver’s Widespan GROW cannabis racking is designed specifically for indoor commercial cannabis production. When mounted on the ActivRAC 3 mobile system, this shelving solution optimizes space vertically and horizontally to create maximum cannabis canopy.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel
  • Fully welded uprights with horizontal bracing
  • GROW White paint designed for UV exposure and humid environments, with high reflectivity, excellent color fastness, and antimicrobial properties
  • Steel GROW Trays
  • Can be installed on the floor or on the ActivRAC 3 mobile system

Indoor Growing Trays

ABS or Steel Trays

indoor growing drain inserts

Steel GROW Inserts

Save Space & Maximize Yields

See how our mobile vertical racking systems integrate with your cannabis operation to save space, reduce energy use, and increase yields.

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Cannabis Drying System

Our cannabis drying system helps preserve plant quality by minimizing handling. Fewer touches means fewer crushed or disturbed leaves and buds. The concept is simple: Hang plants once and they remain in place during harvest, transport, and drying.

  • Streamline workflows for fewer touches and faster harvest
  • Preserve terpenes and THC
  • Vertical posts & T-Bars allow staff to transfer plants from carts to racks without disturbing them
  • Adjust on the fly for optimal plant density and ventilation
  • Built-in tray catches fallen plant material
  • Easy to clean

complete cannabis drying system


better cannabis drying system


best cannabis drying system



Steel tray catches fallen plant material.

Moveable cart transfers harvested plants to the drying room.

Adjustable vertical post & T-Bar is compatible with racking and carts.

Use mechanical assist handles to open an aisle with minimal effort.

See it in Action

This commercial cannabis cultivation facility had large grow rooms and state-of-the-art systems. The owners realized, though, that they weren’t using space as efficiently as they could.

Their local Spacesaver consultant found that the grow rooms were crowded with large single-tier tables that wasted space and were uncomfortable for staff to use. He measured each of the rooms and created technical drawings showing how the facility could increase cultivation area, increase yield, and improve ergonomics, all in the same space.

We offer the quality, service, and expertise you need to improve efficiency and profitability.

cannabis lighting and airflow system intergration

Quality & Durability

Made in the USA of heavy-duty steel, our systems are engineered for trouble-free reliability.

cannabis grow facility work envionment


Ergonomic handles include a safety lock to prevent unexpected movement.

cannabis high-density mobile system lower energy costs

Local Expertise & Experience

We offer expert space-planning services as well as long-term service and maintenance.

cannabis grow tables system intergration

Complete Solutions

We bring our own expertise or we can work with your consulting team.

two tier cannabis grow movable system

Customized for You

Get systems designed specifically for your space and your needs.

We maximize your space with mobile vertical racking. Hawthorne optimizes it for growth.

If you’re looking for guidance on lighting and other systems, our partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Co. brings you expert insights and the best products in indoor horticulture.

vertical indoor cannabis grow systems

The Hawthorne Professional Technical Services Team can advise on lighting layouts and fixture selection, HVAC planning, and many other aspects of your operation.

Hawthorne Cultivation Consultants

As for products, Hawthorne serves all growing categories, seamlessly integrating with Spacesaver’s GROW systems to deliver a one-stop solution for everything you need.

Ready to take your commercial cannabis grow to the next level?

Get started today with a free consultation.

Optimizing yields in commercial cannabis cultivation.

As the only authorized Spacesaver distributor in Colorado, we help legal cannabis grow operations optimize yields by making the best use of space. By eliminating empty aisles and extending to your facility’s full height, you can expand canopy area in the same space.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how you can make the most of every cubic inch of space in your commercial grow rooms. There’s no cost and no obligation, so take the first step to a more efficient, productive grow.