Rapid Readiness Box

Intermodal Aluminum Transport Crate

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Ship by Land, Sea & Air

The most efficient way to transport, store, and use military supply.
Wooden crates are time and resource intensive to create and re-build. Ship and store military supply in the same tough metal container to save time and effort!

intermodal transport military metal crate
Keeping Ready to Deploy

In 20' ISO Containers, 463L Pallets, and TRICON 2 Containers, the Rapid Readiness Box is available in four sizes to maximize space.

Made with Pride in the USA

Rapid Readiness Box is a deployable storage solution that is more reliable, effective, and secure than wooden shipping crates. Rapid Readiness Box was created to store and transport MGTPS expeditionary shelters, but it can also be used to store and transport tools, communications equipment, and other military supply.

It's also compliant with current Department of Defense directives, helping you to boost readiness, reduce footprint, and avoid property loss.


military steel transport container


military cargo pallet crate


deployable metal transport container

Increase Readiness & Reduce Footprint

Store it how you ship it! For effective transportation, no more assembling, restoring, and repacking wooden crates. The Rapid Readiness Box improves readiness and can be stacked to save space.

spacesaver rapid readiness box militray deployment storage

Lightweight & Rugged

The Rapid Readiness Box is stackable and made of sturdy marine-grade aluminum to save space. It comes in two finishes: raw aluminum and powder-coat paint.


The Rapid Readiness Box is sized to fit into intermodal transport containers, allowing you to ship by land, sea, or air with confidence. It's also a versatile and space-saving storage solution on base or during deployment, with removable doors and lids, a stackable frame, and 4-way forklift entry.


The Rapid Readiness Box has lashing rings to keep contents inside the container safe, as well as a padlock latch to keep unauthorized people out.

Connect with the Military Storage Experts

When you're ready to store it the way you ship it, contact us to speak with a Spacesaver consultant in your area. For nearly 50 years, we've been developing creative storage technologies alongside the military, and we'd love to collaborate with you. All of our goods are designed and produced in the United States.

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