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Finding space for emergency essentials in your business’ readiness plan.

The current COVID-19 crisis is forcing businesses and other institutions to look at preparedness in new ways, and this often reveals the need to store more emergency supplies and equipment. Whether your readiness plan calls for minor adjustments to your storeroom or warehouse, or a major renovation, MOTUS is here to help. Read on to see how you can create a cleaner workplace and keep emergency essentials on hand while still having plenty of room for day-to-day functions.

Clean Workplaces

Touch-Free Control

Keypads and other high-touch surfaces can transmit disease. Help minimize risk with the TUSC™ Control App, which allows users to open and close aisles in new and retrofitted Spacesaver powered mobile systems with their mobile devices.

Antimicrobial Paint Coating

Spacesaver’s antimicrobial paint coating option can provide peace of mind, especially given current concerns about cleanliness and sanitation. This powder-coat finish contains a time-released germicidal agent to suppress the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew – but it won’t affect the finish color, durability, or performance of your product. We still encourage regular cleaning to maintain hygienic standards.

Isolating Personal Gear

Lockers promote cleanliness and readiness by providing a secure space for team members to store personal gear. FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers and Office Lockers are available in a variety of options so you can choose the size, style, colors, and finishes that suit your needs and your space.

made in the usa

Buy Local, Buy American

When you purchase Spacesaver products through MOTUS, you’re supporting American manufacturing and your local economy. Spacesaver products are proudly made in the USA and the Wisconsin-based business is 100% employee owned, with hundreds of hard-working professionals in the office and manufacturing facility. In addition, MOTUS and other independent, locally owned Spacesaver distributorships employ hundreds of space planning experts and other professionals throughout North America.

Make Room for Readiness


Military installations have all the storage needs of a small city and must store an immense amount of supplies and equipment. Our full line of military storage solutions promotes readiness by streamlining processes, ensuring accountability, and making the most of limited storage space. When it’s time to deploy, our weapon racks can be packed directly into shipping containers to give your unit more time for training and preparation.

Optimize readiness to save time, lives, and money. Learn more…


Every square foot of a healthcare facility that’s used for storage is space that could be used for patient care. Spacesaver’s high-density mobile storage systems are a popular choice in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies because they eliminate wasted aisle space and free up space for other uses. These systems can also maximize vertical space inside the units with configurable shelving, modular bins, and steel pegboard.

Free up space for emergency supplies and equipment. Learn more…

Public Safety

Increase security and efficiency with best-in-class police lockers, weapons racks, and more. If space is tight, move evidence, records, and bulk items to high-density storage systems to free up space for PPE storage and other preparedness equipment.

Promote quick and efficient access to gear. Learn more…

Spacesaver products are available on GSA and state contracts, as well as a variety of other contracts, partnerships, and teaming agreements.

Schools, Libraries, & Higher Education

At a time when most schools, campuses, and libraries are closed, it’s important to look to the future and plan for “the new normal.” If you’ll need to store more emergency preparedness supplies and equipment, consider high-density storage systems to optimize space. Although every storage space is different, you can generally expect to double your storage volume.

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Indoor Agriculture

In areas where cannabis is legalized, employees at grows and dispensaries play a crucial role in the healthcare system. Help create the cleanest possible environment for your team by cleaning your vertical racking system frequently and by providing convenient access to masks and other PPE.

Protect your employees and your product. Learn more…

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Connect with Your Partners in Preparedness

Being prepared often means acquiring more supplies and equipment – as well as finding places to store it. When you need to be ready for anything, you need a storage system that’s organized and accessible at a moment’s notice.

Spacesaver has been helping clients save space, save time, and ensure security for nearly 50 years. MOTUS is your storage expert and authorized Spacesaver distributorship in Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Wyoming. We’re here to help you optimize your space and prepare for the future. Contact us to get connected.

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