Reconfigurable Steel Museum Cabinets

See the most popular configurations and accessories for Spacesaver 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet.

Museum collections are always growing and changing. That’s great for your museum, but it can create problems in collections storage areas. Prevent overcrowding and disorganization, now and into the future, with reconfigurable steel museum cabinets with versatility built in.

Changing Interiors for Changing Collections

The Spacesaver 920 Series:Preservation Cabinet offers a unique combination of versatility and strength. What exactly does that mean? You can fill the cabinets with trays today, and years from now, the cabinets’ interiors can be reconfigured with other accessories like hanging rods or drawers.

Configurable Flexible Museum Cabinet

download preservation cabinet configurations

Versatility Built In

The 920 Series is designed for future flexibility. Want to see all the most popular Preservation Cabinet configurations?

museum preservation cabinet mobile system

Store More as Collections Grow

Our steel cabinets are modular and stackable, so they can help add storage capacity in the future, too. Set them on the floor or mount them on casters at first, and as collections grow the cabinets can be placed on compact mobile systems or stacked to save space and create more room for growing collections.

See the Most Popular Configurations

With so many options, the possibilities are endless! If you’d like design inspiration, take a look at how others have configured their cabinets. We’ve collected our most popular configurations all in one place to spark your creative process. Get inspired, and then contact us for help in designing the steel museum cabinets that are the best fit for your space and for your collections.

download preservation cabinet configurations

Connect with the Experts in Museum Collections Storage

If you’re looking for reconfigurable steel museum cabinets and space planning assistance in Colorado, New Mexico, western Texas, and eastern Wyoming, contact us to arrange a free consultation. There’s no cost and no obligation, so connect with us today!

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