Sometimes a locked room, or even a locked building, isn’t enough. When you need an additional layer of security, consider a Spacesaver Mobile System with PIN or badge-swipe access and an audit trail.

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Here’s How it Works

In most situations, anyone can open an aisle of Spacesaver shelving with the turn of a mechanical-assist handle or the push of a button. In highly secure areas, though, electronic systems can be configured to open only by authorized personnel.

See how we helped these clients provide extra security for valuable items.

Restricting Access to Sensitive Records

The Human Resources department at this firm wanted to ensure confidentiality by restricting access to sensitive personnel files, so they ordered a Spacesaver high-density storage system with Touch Technology Control and a built-in audit system. Each aisle can be programmed to open only with a specific lock code. This allows only a few authorized staff to access particularly sensitive files. The system also has an audit log function that shows who opened an aisle and when they opened it.

Restricted aisle access created another level of security for the files, which were already kept in a locked room. The result is an added measure of security, which in turn plays a part in reducing the liability that comes with a breach in confidentiality.

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Securing Materials for the US Army

Only accessible with a pin code, an ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System at Fort Carson helps the U.S. Army save time loading and unloading cargo materials. An ActivRAC 30P mainly stores inserts for cargo containers, which reside just outside the building approximately 50 yards from the system. The ActivRAC allows the group to access the materials they need immediately without having to go outside in the elements and unlock (and lock) the BOM containers each time materials are loaded or unloaded. This saves time and helps maintain organization of the unit’s materials.

The system was designed with several security measures in mind, including rolling doors which need to be opened in order to access items. Several aisles are also secured with a pin code, which must be entered into the electronic pad before the aisle will open. The system keeps a record of who accesses the system and when.

Storing Weapons as Evidence

Even police departments need an additional layer of security when they’re storing weapons, drugs, cash, and other high-value items as evidence of criminal activity. Evidence is kept in locked rooms or warehouses, but high-value evidence must be kept in a secure area within the larger facility.

This police department opted to use an ActivRAC system to store evidence, and most of the aisles can be opened by any of the evidence management staff. Badge-swipe access is required to open aisles that store evidentiary weapons, jewelry, and cash. Drug evidence is stored on Spacesaver shelving in a separate room.

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