GROW Mobile System

Full System Video Walkthrough

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to indoor cannabis cultivation, growers have many options to choose from and decisions to make. Let us demonstrate why Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System is the best solution when choosing to grow vertical. Our time-tested, safe, and stable systems help growers gain more canopy in less space, and easily integrate with systems and accessories they need to grow more.

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Why are we the best choice in indoor cultivation? Requesting a live video walkthrough with one of our team members.

Helping the Experts in Growing
to Grow More

Spacesaver’s mobile systems allow users to grow higher, resulting in more yield and less cost per square foot.

grow cannabis mobile  system

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Rail-mounted racking allows shelves to move back and forth to take full advantage of floor space.

  • Welded bracing maintains structural stability
  • Racking up to 30 feet
  • Preserving space for optimal airflow and light exposure

cannabis grow room wide aisle

Room to Work Safely

Wider aisles allow workers to comfortably access plants and work together, while mobile racking with no pinch points allows them to safely move thousands of pounds with ease.

Why work with the MOTUS team?

Quality, Customized, Local Setup

More than just mobile racking, We are your one-stop-shop for all you need.

  • 50+ Years of experience
  • Trusted partnerships to create seamless operation
  • Local service and long-term professional relationships