High-Quality Metal Shelving

Shelving that’s made in the USA & built just for you.

Save space and streamline workflows in any setting, from libraries and offices to military bases and industrial facilities. Reconfigure, add modules, and swap out accessories as your needs change in the future. Trusted by prestigious institutions to provide decades of reliable service, our high-quality metal shelving is made in the USA and offers comprehensive solutions for any storage need.

custom shelving solutions accessories
metal shelving custom end panels
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4 post shelving earthquake bars

Keep items organized & protected with sturdy, high-quality steel.

  • Mounting Options

    All our shelving is designed to be either stationary or mounted on high-density storage systems. Half-height shelving can be mounted on casters for mobility.

  • Heavy-Duty Shelving Construction

    Our shelving systems are engineered for stability and strength. Cold-rolled steel and welded steel uprights bear significant loads over decades of daily use.

  • Reconfigure and Expand

    All our shelving can be easily reconfigured, expanded, and relocated.

  • Durable Paint Finishes

    Our powder-coat paint finishes are extremely durable, exceeding the strict requirements of the American Library Association.

Which shelving system is right for you?

All shelving looks similar at first glance, so it’s important to think about what you need to store. Contact us for a free consultation.

trays and drawers on steel 4-post shelving

Nantucket Drawers & Trays

Designed to bring flexibility and versatility to any interior environment, the Nantucket system is fully reconfigurable and works seamlessly with all the other accessories in Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving line.

metal shelving dividers organization

Slotted Shelves and Dividers

Optimize space and stay organized with slotted shelves and dividers. Fully reconfigurable and ideal for print centers, mailrooms, and other areas where lots of smaller items are stored.

metal shelving custom doors

Locking Doors

Transform shelving into cabinets by adding doors. Choose from a variety of handle options and door styles, including perforated doors.

4 post shelving earthquake bars

Earthquake Bars

Prevent shifting, even in seismically active areas, with bars on the front of each shelf.

4 post metal shelving custom finishes

Wide Arrange of Design Options

Your design options include standard and custom colors, as well as custom end panel materials and finishes.

4-Post & Case-Type Shelving

Versatile and easy to access, Spacesaver 4-Post and Case-Type shelving systems are highly adaptable and cost-effective.

They’re more than just shelves. Our shelving units can be equipped with lockable doors, storage and file drawers, bins, pull-out reference shelves, and many more accessories.

Accesories & Options:

  • Drawers & Trays
  • Slotted Shelves and Dividers
  • Lockable Doors
  • Earthquake Bars
  • Wide Array of Design Options

Featured 4-Post Accessory

Nantucket Drawers & Trays

A Place for Everything

Designed to bring flexibility and versatility to any interior environment, Nantucket is fully reconfigurable and works seamlessly with all the other accessories in Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving line. As your needs change, you can mix, match, add, and rearrange them without special tools.

Cantilever Shelving

Get clear access to stored items with cantilever shelving, also called book shelving or library shelving. Design options are virtually unlimited with a wide range of standard and custom colors, and custom end panels can complement your interior design.

cantilever shelves caster wheels

Cantilever shelving can be mounted on casters to create flexible spaces.

adjustable shelves cantilever pull-out bins

Pull-out browsing bins help all patrons make their selections.

custom shelving solutions accessories

Create a unique space with accessories fitted to uprights.

cantilever shelving heavy-duty shelving

Cantilever shelving isn't only for books. It provides unencumbered access to large items.

metal shelving custom end panels

Complement your interior desing with custom end panels.

cantilever shelving integrated lighting

Illuminated shelving creates a stunning effect.

Featured Cantilever & 4-Post Accessory

Flexible Shelving

Functional Designs for Adaptable Use

Providing users with a solution that can be fitted with Exposed Locking or Concealed Caster Base options, Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving for Cantilever or 4-Post Shelving is designed to be reconfigured, relocated, expanded, or mounted on Spacesaver’s compact mobile systems as your space needs change over time.

4-post flexible shelving cart

widespan shelving heavy duty versatile storage
Metal Shelving Solid Steel

Solid Steel Decking

For a smooth shelf surface.

metal shelving ribbed steel storage

Ribbed Steel Decking

Grab packages and additional stock without pinched fingers.

metal steel shelving

Particle Board Decking

Sturdy shelf decking made of durable 11/16" particle board.

metal shelving wire decking

Flat Wire Decking

Allow air and light to circulate.

metal shelving waterfall shelves

Waterfall Wire Decking

Similar to flat wire decking, waterfall wire offers increased shelving protection.


Ideal for storing heavy and bulky items, our widespan shelving is rugged and versatile. It’s designed to work in static applications or on high-density mobile systems, and our wide range of sizes makes it easy to build a custom shelving system.

Decking Options

Choose your shelf surface based on what you need to store.

  • Solid Steel Decking
  • Ribbed Steel Decking
  • Particle Board Decking
  • Flat Wire Decking
  • Waterfall Wire Decking
Want expert help in choosing the best shelving solutions?

Learn more about your high-quality metal shelving options.

Promote peace of mind with high-quality metal shelving that’s designed to perfectly fit your space. Choose from a wide range of sizes, colors, and accessories to make sure that supply storage, materials storage, and equipment storage is safe and efficient.

We’re experts in space planning and process improvement. We offer free consultations to help optimize space in your office, library, lab, or any other workplace.

All our steel shelving is engineered and manufactured in the USA.

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