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hands free mobile powered system

An Innovative Control System Option From MOTUS Space Solutions

MOTUS offers a revolutionary new option for efficiently operating Spacesaver’s powered high-density mobile storage systems.
library transformation storage space planning

Transforming Public Libraries For More

MOTUS Space Solutions opens up new opportunities for public libraries
military hospital surgical supply storage

Helping the Military Soldier On

MOTUS brings efficient healthcare solutions to the military facilities to store all medical equipment supplies.
grow crosswalk platform

Installing The Crosswalk: A How-To Guide

See all the safety features built in to the GROW Crosswalk for your vertical indoor growing systems and how to install it
spacesaver new modular art rack

Spacesaver NEW Mod-Glider Pro Art Rack

An in-depth look at Spacesaver's new modular art rack the Mod-Glider Pro™ and its new screens and accessories.
museum storage compactor spacesaver

Museum Storage in Plain Sight

Take a peek inside this museum to see how they improved organization and accessibility with visible museum collection storage solutions.
pharmaceutical storage military

Maintaining Quick Access to Medical Supplies for USAF

Go behind the scenes at a United States Air Force base and see how they solved their pharmaceutical storage problem.
sustainable storage solutions

When you think of sustainability, is your first thought storage solutions?

Here are 5 examples of how your choice of storage solutions and space planning can promote sustainable practices.
military equipment purchasing options

How to Purchase Products at the Best Price to the Government

How to purchase the exact military equipment products needed at the best price to the government vs the dreaded lowest price.
indoor hydroponics mobile system

Vertical GROW Racking Transforms a Warehouse into a Hydroponic Farm

Look inside this warehouse turned indoor hydroponic farm operation and how they used vertical growing systems to maximize their yield and space.
university athletic equipment room

Collegiate Athletics Lookbook

Get a behind-the-scenes look at collegiate athletic equipment rooms. Be inspired and learn about solutions that will work for your equipment room needs.
designer office lockers

Employee Lockers for a Secure Office Workplace

Customizable steel lockers from Spacesaver are sturdy, functional, and beautiful. See how they add to the modern design of this office space.

How to Store Deployable Military Gear

What's the best way to store deployable military gear? Store it how you ship it! See the solutions engineered and tested for military use.

Art Storage in an Off-Site High-Bay Facility

See how this off-site facility consolidates, preserves, and provides access to art collections in a high-bay shelving.
indoor cultivation floor plan grow rooms

Indoor or Outdoor Commercial Cultivation? Choosing the Best Option

Get the facts and see how indoor commercial cannabis cultivation is a better option than outdoor cultivation techniques.
save space healthcare facility design

How to Save Space in Healthcare/Hospital Facility Design

Not only will these systems save space in healthcare facility design they were also designed to promote best practices inpatient care.
museum prep table wheels

Movable Work Tables with Storage

See how museums, archives, and even athletic equipment rooms and tool rooms use movable work tables with storage to create flexible spaces.
military base storage solutions

Military Base Storage Solutions

Save space and promote readiness without major renovation, see how with these 5 examples around a military bases
flat file high bay shelving

Steel Flat-file Cabinet Options for Archives, Libraries & Museums

Design options for steel flat-file cabinets and museum quality drawers and trays in reconfigurable shelving systems.
corporate archive storage solutions

Planning and Design Inspiration for Corporate Archive

Get ideas for planning your space and see how corporations large and small manage their archives' planning and design.
cannabis dispensary storage layout

Secure Storage Solutions for a Cannabis Dispensary

See how this cannabis dispensary’s incorporated their secure storage system into their design for product intake and dispensing.
bulk lab storage solutions

Space Saving Lab Storage Ideas

Get organized and more efficient with space-saving high-density storage for laboratory consumables, equipment, and chemicals.
resort supply storage solutions

How to Store PPE Supplies at Your Resort

Here’s how to organize your back-of-house storage areas to accommodate personal protection supplies, restaurant furniture, and more.
healthcare locker room personal locker storage

Hospital Staff Lockers for Break Rooms and Locker Rooms

Ideas for secure storage for staff belongings while creating a calm, soothing break room space for hospital staff.
cannabis drying racks

Improve Your Cannabis Drying Processes with these Drying Racks

Check out this new patent-pending complete cannabis drying system that helps minimizes handling to preserve terpenes and THC. 
2 tier cannabis indoor farming racking system

Best Indoor Cannabis Growing Rack

Why chose Spacesaver cannabis grow racks over the competition. See why this indoor cannabis cultivation facility made this choice.
high density mobile storage electric update

Reliability for Decades – Spacesaver Electronic Shelving

A University’s 25-year-old electric shelving mobile system gets updated for more years of reliable operation.
american rescue plan funds school workplace

Get Help Using American Rescue Pan Funds in School or Workplace

How American Rescue Plan funds be used to get organized and consolidate storage. Get help planning your project with MOTUS storage experts.
k 12 shelving drawers trays

How to Store a K-12 School Archive

See how a K-12 school protected and consolidated their schools history archive collection
military mobilized pallet racking

Updating a Military Warehouse Pallet Racking Storage System

A 20 year old storage system at this military warehouse gets a update to their Spacesaver mobilized pallet racking system.
museum cabinet storage options

Museum Cabinets: Good, Better & Best

Trying to choose the right museum cabinet? Compare your options and get help designing museum collections storage areas.
government archive storage systems

County Archive Storage: Preserving Public Records with Ease

Get an inside look at a new county government archives storage space that’s designed to store more in less square feet and more convenient for the community.
spacesaver football mobile shelving systems custom graphics

Show Team Pride in the Equipment Room

Easily add custom graphics to Spacesaver storage systems to show off your team pride in your football equipment storage room.
cannabis vertical grow racking

Vertical Racking Accessories for Indoor Cannabis Growing

Improve cord management with attach electronic controls & plumbing to indoor cannabis vertical racking accessories from Spacesaver.

Nantucket Drawers and Trays at the American Civil War Museum

Introducing Spacesaver's Nantucket Drawers and Trays, a new shelving accessory design to be flexible with your collection needs.
visible storage exhibit design ideas

Visible Storage in Museum Exhibit Design

Take a look at how this museum used visible storage in its exhibit design to engage their community with their full collection.

Extra-Sturdy Museum Art Racks 

See how Spacesaver engineers built extra-durable museum art racks for an earthquake-damaged museum.

Compact Cold Storage for Food and Beverage

From 3PL warehouses to food service storerooms, Spacesaver assists in the creation of portable cold storage systems for food and beverage facilities of all sizes.
custom wrap day use pass-through lockers

Pass-Through Cubby Lockers 

Browse at pass-through cubby lockers for athletics storage solutions from Spacesaver available locally in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas.
refreshing spacesaver electronic shelving

Refreshing Spacesaver Electronic Shelving- Chicago Public Library

Before and after photos showing how a large library refreshed its Spacesaver electronic shelving systems after decades of use.
military cargo pallet crate

Rapid Readiness Box

Store it how you ship it with the Rapid Readiness Box, an intermodal aluminum transport crate from Spacesaver. Made in the USA.
cannabis 2-tier vertical racking

Three Times the Canopy with Vertical Cannabis Racking

See how thoughtful commercial cannabis grow room design helped a licensed cultivation facility quadruple its canopy. Includes floorplan.
powered electric moveable shelving testing

Electronic Shelving that Moves

Need a safe, reliable way to store more in your space? Check out electronic shelving that moves from MOTUS and Spacesaver. 
vented flat file museum cabinet

Steel Museum Cases

Steel museum cases from Spacesaver and MOTUS offer optimal protection, and they can even be configured for visible storage.
medical supply room storage system

Chemotherapy Supply Storage

Compact shelving on rails created an efficient, space-saving supply storage area for a cancer treatment center.
museum collection storage solutions

Reconfigurable Steel Museum Cabinets

Get the right storage for collections, now and into the future, with reconfigurable steel museum cabinets from MOTUS and Spacesaver.
spacesaver electric vs mechanical mobile shelves

Spacesaver Electronic Rolling Shelving or Hand Crank

Spacesaver rolling shelving are available with either electronic controls or mechanical assist (hand crank). Here’s how to decide which option is best. 
library lockers touchless locks

Keyless Library Lockers

Keyless library lockers from Spacesaver help protect special collections as well as patrons’ bags, backpacks, and snacks.
cold room shelving system

Storing More Test Kits in a Medical Testing Lab

Spacesaver’s lab cold room shelving systems move on rails to increase storage capacity. See how they work.
high end spa locker room lockers

Keyless Spa Lockers

Steel museum cases from Spacesaver and MOTUS offer optimal protection, and they can even be configured for visible storage.
readiness preparedness supply storage

Readiness Plan for Business

When your business’ readiness plan calls for more storage in the same space, call on MOTUS for the best Spacesaver solutions.
school sports equipment storage

Physical Education and School Sports Storage

Check out these school sports storage solutions from MOTUS and Spacesaver. Get inspired to organize athletic equipment, uniforms, and more.

Athletic Equipment Storage: Organizing Gear and Saving Space

Design athletic equipment storage rooms that save space, improve organization, and keep gear organized, secure, and close at hand.
denver colorado museum archival storage

How to Save Space and Conserve Energy in Cold Storage in Museums

Cold storage in museums is necessary for proper collections preservation, but freezers and coolers are expensive to operate. Save space and conserve energy with compact storage solutions.
library browsing bins

Library Design Inspiration: Library Browsing Bins

Library browsing bins display books and other media to help patrons make their selections.
legal cannabis grow room vertical racking

Commercial Cannabis Grow Room Design: Spacesaver GROW Mobile Systems

See how thoughtful commercial cannabis grow room design helped a licensed cultivation facility quadruple its canopy. Includes floorplan.
colorado evidence storage warehouse compact storage

Spacesaver Evidence Lockers from MOTUS Space Solutions

See how a Colorado police department uses Spacesaver evidence lockers to secure the chain of custody and streamline processes.
military pallet racking that moves

Aircraft MRO Storage – Pallet Racking that Moves

This aircraft MRO facility reduced labor hours by 97 percent with high-density pallet racking that moves on rails.

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Vertical Grow Racks for Cannabis

Here’s how mobile vertical grow racks can improve your indoor cannabis grow room design.
high-density storage system movable shelves

Compact Storage Solutions for Sustainability

Save space and conserve resources with compact storage solutions from Spacesaver.
high-density mobile storage

How High-Density Storage can Improve Organization

See how high-density storage, also called compact storage, can save space and improve organization at your facility.

How to Choose the Best Museum Cabinets for Collections Storage

Here’s how to choose the best museum cabinets for storing museum collections.
library shelving on wheels

Library Design Inspiration: Library Shelving on Wheels

See how three libraries use library shelving on wheels to create flex spaces for special programs, collaboration, and more.
high-density mobile system grow space

High-Density Storage: Room to Grow

High-density storage systems with aisles that lock offer an additional layer of security for secure paper file storage, weapons storage, and more.
high-density mobile system security

Secure Storage for Confidential Paper Files, Weapons, & other Valuable Materials

High-density storage consolidates stored items, creating space for other uses.

How High-Density Storage Works

Learn the basics of high-density storage, including safety options.
workplace lockers

Case Study: Designer Office Lockers in a Modern Workplace

See how designer office lockers helped create a functional and aesthetically pleasing open office.
police storage checklist

Police Storage Checklist

Use this Police Storage Checklist to make sure you have enough space to keep valuable equipment accessible and secure for your officers.

Tips & Best Practices for Biological Evidence Storage

Learn how to store biological evidence. Includes information on refrigerated evidence storage.
gun drug secure evidence storage

How to Secure Guns, Drugs, and Money in an Evidence Room

Some of the most challenging evidence items to secure are those that are at highest risk for theft - guns, drugs, and money. Here are some tips and best practices for ensuring your department is maintaining the chain of custody.
colorado evidence storage exhibit retention

How long to store evidence? Rules in Colorado

Evidence storage rules, also called exhibit retention rules, are different from state to state. Here are Colorado’s rules.
evidence managements - storage for chain of custody

Trends & Best Practices for Evidence Management

Learn about current trends and best practices in evidence management, including consolidating evidence storage, handling hazardous materials, and more.
evidence locker room chain of custody

Best Practices for Evidence Room Management

The chain of custody is only as strong as its weakest link. What does this look like from an evidence room management perspective?
evidence room design future growth

How to Plan for Future Growth in Evidence Room Design

Evidence room design involves the careful consideration of current best practices and future evidence storage needs. Learn the best practices.
police locker room design

How to Design the Best Police Lockers for Law Enforcement

Here are the top 10 considerations for designing police lockers and the most popular locker sizes.
public safety tactical gear storage

Tactical Gear Storage for Law Enforcement

How to choose the best tactical gear storage solutions for police departments and other law enforcement.
police facility funding planning

How to Get Funding for Police Renovation Projects

Advice and insights on getting funding police for renovation projects, including bonds, grants, and more.
design police officer locker room

How to Design a Law Enforcement Locker Room

Get design tips and see photos of law enforcement locker rooms. Learn about ADA compliance, ventilation options, and more.