High-Density Storage Systems

Double your storage capacity by eliminating empty aisles.

Optimize your space by mounting shelving, pallet racking, or cabinets onto a high-density storage system. Store more in the same space or cut your storage footprint in half, freeing up space for other uses.

high-density mobile compact shelving

How It Works

High-Density Storage

Our systems make the most of your space by mounting shelving, pallet racking, or cabinets onto carriages that move along rails installed in the floor. Users can access stored items by opening aisles at the point of need.

  • No Wasted Space

    Conventional stationary shelving requires fixed aisles that waste space. Eliminate all but one movable aisle and save space.

  • Double Capacity

    Eliminating extra aisle space, in most cases saves 50% of your floor space allowing you to double the storage capacity of the existing space.

  • Create More Space

    High-Density Mobile Shelving allows you to compact your storage space and create more space for other needs.

Modes of Operation

Users open aisles with the press of a button, the turn of a handle, or by simply pushing shelving along rails. High-density storage systems can be designed to allow users to open aisles whenever and wherever they want, or certain aisles can be accessible only by badge swipe or PIN access.

electric powered mobile controls


Mechanical Assist High Density Mobile System


manual high-density mobile storage system


Which System is Right for You?

Standard High-Density Mobile Storage System

Our most popular high-density storage solution is available in a variety of sizes, options, and finishes to integrate with any space.


Showroom and retail real estate is expensive. Optimize it with innovative high-density storage solutions that impress customers and make the most of every available inch.

military weapon rack storage

Readiness is essential. Our military and police clients rely on compact storage solutions that save space while ensuring that weapons and equipment are always organized and available.

standard high-density mobile shelving sports equipment

Sports teams keep athletic equipment organized on customizable high-density storage systems.

museum archive storage

Archives and museums use compact mobile systems to protect priceless collections.

office supply storage

Even offices that are going paperless need to store equipment, supplies, and promotional items.

campus library compact shelving

As libraries change to accommodate new technology, compact shelving frees up space while also keeping books and journals on campus.

Low-profile compact library shelving

Consolidate books and other materials.

low-profile football team storage

Customizable for any space.

active gym equipment storage

Easy access to athletic equipment.

Light-Duty Mobile Storage System

Ideal for light-duty applications, the Wheelhouse system consists of a carriage-and-rail system and a modular floor that can be relocated if needed.

Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage System

Mobile pallet racking is designed to improve efficiency in warehouses, cold storage, and manufacturing facilities.

Adhere to Lean principles by eliminating double handling.

campus warehouse storage

Reduce operating costs by storing more materials in less space.

Systems work in freezers and climate-controlled rooms.

high-bay off-site shelving system

All powered mobile systems come with a variety of safety features.

off-site evidence storage

Gain floorspace while gaining aisles space for easy access.

off-site lbirary storage

Protect and preservce your entire collection.

static high-bay shelving 35 Feet tall

Build in phases, start with staic and upgrade to power down the road

High-bay Mobile Shelving

XTend Mobile High-bay Storage Systems eliminates wasted aisle space in offsite storage facilities to provide even more capacity in the same space by extending up to 35 feet tall.

Save space and improve efficiency with high-density storage.

We’re experts in space planning and process improvement. Contact us for a free consultation.

Create smarter, safer workplaces with high-density storage systems, also called compact mobile storage or mobile pallet racking. Shelves that move optimize space by eliminating idle aisles, and these systems can save space in office storage, library book storage, museum collections storage, and paper records storage. To gain storage capacity in warehouse storage or other heavy-duty storage applications, choose ActivRAC moving pallet racking that slides on rails.

The MOTUS team specializes in designing and installing high-density storage systems. Let us know what you need to store and we’ll work with you to optimize space and improve efficiency at your workplace.

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