Weapons Racks

Keep weapons organized and ready for action.

Universal™ Weapons Racks (UWR) were designed with the U.S. military to provide secure storage for weapons during transport and while on base. These fully configurable weapon racks accommodate long guns, pistols, ammunition, optics, and more.

Mobile Weapon Rack
Weapon Rack - Protect Gear
Transportable Weapon Storage
transport secure weapon storage

Increase Security & Protection

  • Configurable

    Reconfigure the interior as needs change.

  • Solid Steel

    Keep weapons and accessories safe and secure.

  • Perforated Doors & Walls

    Permit visibility while securing inventory.

  • Retractable Doors

    Quick and easy access to stored weapons.

Download UWR Brochure

Download Universal Weapon Racks Brochure

Get a complete overview of the UWR system, including unique accessories that optimize space and hold weapons securely.

UWR Accessories

Change accessories when you need to store different weapons, without buying an entirely new weapons rack. The Universal Weapons Rack is the only weapons rack with NSN-assigned accessories, which means you can use Class 9 funds to purchase UWR accessories.

Weapon Base Options for Weapon Storage

Weapon Bases

Stock Cups for Weapon Storage

Stock Cups

uwr horizontal storage

Horizontal Storage

Pistol Bracket for Weapon Storage

Pistol Brackets

Inverted Weapon Brackets for Weapon Storage

Inverted Weapon Brackets

Barrel Supports for Weapon Storage

Barrel Supports

Support Rails for Weapon Storage

Support Rails

Bin System for Weapon Storage

Bin Systems

Download UWR Catalog

Download the Catalog

Download the UWR Catalog to see all the UWR options and choose the accessories that work best for your needs.

Weapons racks for secure storage and transport.

The Universal Weapon Rack storage system keeps weapons securely in place during storage and transport. Perforated doors and sides permit visibility while also keeping weapons secure.

The UWR weapons storage rack prevents movement, vibration, shock and abrasion. It can be tilted 90 degrees in any direction without the weapon becoming loose or dislodged. Most optics and accessories can remain assembled and zeroed to the weapon while being stored.