Standard High-Density Mobile Shelving Systems

Space-Saving Efficiency, Unmatched Quality

High-density mobile shelving solves storage challenges by compactly storing more items in less space. By mounting shelving or cabinets onto a carriage-and-rail system, high-density mobile storage systems eliminate fixed aisles to compactly store a variety of items. This enables you to significantly increase your storage capacity or store the same number of items in half the footprint. In the other half of that space, you’ll gain room for shipping, production, or other crucial functions.

expand library space shelving

Standard High-density Mobile System

  • Store More in a Smaller Area

    Make room for additional people, supplies, equipment, or increased storage capacity.

  • Enhance Workflow

    Improve access by storing more tools and supplies at point of use.

  • Improve Security

    Locking aisles ensure security for stored items.

  • Enhance Interior Design

    Variety of colors and finishes available.

How It Works

Traditional shelving or racking wastes space in the aisles. High-density storage mounts shelving or racking on “carriages” that move along rails in the floor, which consolidates stored items into a smaller space.

The open space that’s created can be used for more storage or workspace, or, if you’re designing a new building, these systems can help create a smaller footprint with the same capacity as a larger structure.

high-density mobile compact shelving

Open Aisles Anytime

We offer three options to open aisles: manual, mechanical-assist, and powered control.

See how mobile systems can transform spaces.

Storage as Display

This new showroom presented the design team with a challenge: the new space would be smaller than the previous showroom, yet the company’s product lines were expanding and more product would need to be displayed. A Spacesaver compact storage system was fitted with custom millwork to provide the ideal solution.


Library Special Collection Storage

Preserving Treasures

Like many libraries, this small college library is increasingly going digital. But the college maintains an archive of faculty papers, memorabilia, and other items on a high-density Spacesaver system.

moving storage aisle with phone ap

TUSC™ Control App

Turn your mobile device into a remote control for your powered system with the TUSC™ Control app using Bluetooth connectivity. Open and close aisles from up to 100 feet away, get safety info, and search for stored items with your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Storage That Works for You

This flagship retail store illustrates how compact shelving can create a unique shopping experience. The client wanted to foster a unique, high-end retail environment, but the store also needed to store more than 100 different styles of bulky outerwear in 40 colors and a variety of sizes.

Retail Compact Innovatory Storage

Your safety is our priority

No matter which high-density storage system you choose, you can be assured of operator safety. We provide a variety of safety features and we can help you choose the best options based on:

  • Your storage needs.
  • Whether your system is powered or manually controlled.
  • Whether the system will be accessed by the general public or restricted to trained personnel.

high-density mobile safety options

UWR weapon storage public safety

An Additional Layer of Security

Security and quick access are top priorities in facilities that store weapons. Law enforcement agencies and the military use high-density mobile systems to keep weapons accessible at a moment’s notice, and aisles can be locked down with badge-swipe, PIN, or key access.

High-density storage for high-performing workplaces.

Spacesaver standard high-density mobile storage systems have helped boost efficiency and organization in athletic equipment rooms, libraries, hospitals, museums, police departments, and other work environments.

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