Moving Shelves on Tracks

Save Space in Any Workplace

Store more in small spaces with the Wheelhouse® Modular Mobile Storage System from Spacesaver. These modular shelving systems move along tracks or rails, which are installed in a false floor that sits on top of your existing floor.

Eliminate wasted aisle space and open aisles when and where you need them using a hand crank or an electronically powered button. The system increases storage capacity or allows you to store the same number of items in half the space, freeing up space for other uses. Best of all, the Wheelhouse system is easy to install and can be moved at a later time if your office or storeroom undergoes a renovation.

Low-profile compact library shelving

Low-profile High-density Mobile System

  • Store More in a Smaller Area

    Light-duty, low-profile system fits in even the smallest spaces.

  • Move the Entire System

    The mobile shelving units, rails, and false floor can be moved to another location.

  • Ensure Security

    Locking aisles can be opened with a key, PIN code, or badge swipe.

  • Enhance Interior Design

    Variety of colors and finishes available.

How It Works

Traditional shelving or racking wastes space in the aisles. High-density storage mounts shelving or racking on “carriages” that move along rails in the floor, which consolidates stored items into a smaller space. The open space that’s created can be used for more storage or workspace, or, if you’re designing a new building, these systems can help create a smaller footprint with the same capacity as a larger structure.

high-density mobile compact shelving

moving storage aisle with phone ap

TUSC™ Control App

Turn your mobile device into a remote control for your powered system with the TUSC™ Control app using Bluetooth connectivity. Open and close aisles from up to 100 feet away, get safety info, and search for stored items with your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Easily move your shelves the way you want to.

Choose from three options to open aisles: manual, mechanical-assist, and powered control.

high-density mobile safety options

Your Safety is Our Priority

No matter which high-density storage system you choose, you can be assured of operator safety. We provide a variety of safety features and we can help you choose the best options based on:

  • Your storage needs.
  • Whether your system is powered or manually controlled.
  • Whether the system will be accessed by the general public or restricted to trained personnel.

Moving Shelves on Tracks

Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse system has saved space and created flexible storage in a variety of settings, from pharmacies to athletic departments. As the only authorized Spacesaver distributor in Colorado, New Mexico, western Texas, and eastern Wyoming, we can help you design a storage system that makes your workplace more efficient and productive.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation. We’ll assess your space and your needs, and then we’ll share ideas about how you can store more in less space. Connect with us today!