High-Density Storage

Make Your Storage Work for You

It’s a common problem: you need to store more and more stuff, but you don’t have enough room. That problem gave rise to the concept of high-density storage.

You’ve probably seen shelves at libraries or offices that move when you turn a handle or press a button, and that same principle has now been adapted for use in virtually any workplace. These systems are ideal if you need more storage capacity in your existing space, or if you’d like to reclaim wasted space and use it for work areas, meeting space, or other uses.

Want to learn more about high-density storage?

This guide explains how high-density storage systems work and shows how real-life clients have used them to save space, improve organization and security, and reduce energy costs.

  1. How it Works
  2. Improving Organization
  3. Creating Room to Grow
  4. Increasing Security
  5. Reducing Energy Costs


High-Density Storage

How It Works

If you think about it, you’ll realize that a lot of space is wasted in buildings like offices, libraries, and warehouses. The aisles are empty most of the time! High-density storage mounts shelving or racking on “carriages” that slide along rails, which eliminates wasted aisle space while still maintaining access to stored items.

high-denstiy mobile storage

Traditional shelving wastes space. With traditional static shelving, a large percentage of floor space is wasted in aisles.

high-denstiy mobile storage

Mobile shelving increases space. Mobile shelving delivers the same capacity as static shelving in half the floor space.

high-denstiy mobile storage

Mobile shelving doubles capacity. Mobile shelving allows you to double the storage capacity of your existing floor space.

high-density mobile system safety features

Safety Built In

Choose the safety features you need to help keep you safe and protect your stored objects.

high density mobile modes of operations

Choose How You Move

Choose from three options to open aisles: manual, mechanical assist, or electronically powered.

download basic high-density mobile system introduction
Want to learn more about high-density storage? Download the complete introductory guide.


Make Your Storage Work for You

Improving Organization

Shorter Response Times

Save Time & Money

See how this banquet facility used a Spacesaver ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System to gain storage capacity.

Improved Efficiency

Reduce the Number of “Touches” Needed

See how a high-density storage system helped this Air Force warehouse increase efficiency by reducing 97% of there labor hours and saving $40,000 per year.

hospitality back of house storage
activRAC military crate storage
protect museum collection storage

Better Protection

Prevent Loss & Damage

We help museums, the military, and other organizations keep stored items safe and secure.

Increased Revenue

More Capacity = Higher Revenue

Learn how we helped this pathology lab increase storage capacity by 130% and improve response times.


Make Your Storage Work for You

Room to Grow

Consolidating stored items in high-density storage can free up space for other uses. Create space for meetings, patient care, training, and more!

More Space to Work

Consolidate supplies and materials, then use the space you gain for work areas.

More Space to Collaborate

Eliminate idle aisles to free up space for conference rooms, meeting rooms, or informal collaboration areas.

More Space to Care

High-density storage optimizes space to create more room for patient care, training, or other uses.


Make Your Storage Work for You


High-density storage systems can be set up to require PIN or badge-swipe access and to record an audit trail. See how we helped these clients provide extra security for valuable items:

secure high-density mobile soluionts

Sensitive Records

The Human Resources department at this firm wanted to ensure confidentiality by restricting access to sensitive personnel files, so they ordered a Spacesaver high-density storage system with Touch Technology Control and a built-in audit system.

Materials for the US Army

An ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System at Fort Carson helps the U.S. Army save time loading and unloading cargo materials. Particularly sensitive aisles are secured with a pin code, which must be entered into the electronic pad before the aisle will open. The system keeps a record of who accesses the system and when.

secure moveable shelves forklift access

Weapons as Evidence

This police department opted to use an ActivRAC system to store evidence, and most of the aisles can be opened by any of the evidence management staff. Badge-swipe access is required to open aisles that store evidentiary weapons, jewelry, and cash. Drug evidence is stored on Spacesaver shelving in a separate room.

movable secure storage


Make Your Storage Work for You


Storing more stuff in less space not only saves space — it also conserves resources. See how our high-density storage systems help save on construction costs and energy costs.

Adaptive Re-Use & Flex Spaces

One of the best ways to conserve resources is to renovate an existing building instead of building new. By mounting shelving units on high-density storage systems, or by moving items off-site, our clients can free up space for collaborative work areas, new technology, or more workstations for growing teams.

Cold Storage

Our clients know that cold storage is expensive storage. We help them save space and reduce resource consumption.

  • Consolidating inventory to save space and cut energy costs.
  • Creating ideal preservation conditions and reducing energy consumption.

industrial cold storage

high yield cultivation grow tables

Grow Facilities

The air inside indoor grow facilities must be controlled for temperature and humidity. The larger the facility, the greater the resource use. Our high-density systems help optimize space and create ideal conditions for plant growth and development.

download basic high-density mobile system introduction
Want to learn more about high-density storage? Download the complete introductory guide.

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