Evidence Storage Lockers

Ensuring that justice is served.

Designed to maintain a secure chain of custody, Spacesaver’s evidence storage lockers are constructed of heavy-duty steel and secured with your choice of locking mechanisms. Choose the options and configuration that works best for your agency or department.

pass-thru locker evidence storage

cold secure evidence storage

Evidence Locker Keyless Deposit

pass-thru evidence locker secure storage

Lock Solid Security

  • Keyless Evidence Deposit

    Self-closing doors with push-button lock.

  • Unobstructed Compartments

    The latching mechanism is located in the locker wall instead of protruding into the compartment.

  • Multiple Latching Points

    Help prevent tampering and ensure evidence stays secure.

  • Anti-Pry Tabs

    Tabs in multiple locations prevent leverage for prying.

  • Double-Panel Welded Construction

    Strong doors and shelves last longer and prevent prying.

Download Evidence Storage Brochure

Download Evidence Storage Brochure

Get a complete overview of our evidence lockers.

Pass-thru Evidence Storage Locker

Pass-through evidence storage lockers are the most efficient way to preserve the chain of custody. They’re built into a wall separating the evidence room from a more accessible area of the police station.

  • Evidence is deposited from one side and retrieved from the other.
  • Evidence technicians remove evidence and reset the locker openings from the rear door in the evidence room.
  • Optional front lock-out system locks the front doors when the rear door is opened, preventing unauthorized access to the evidence room.

Non Pass-Thru Evidence Storage Locker

Non pass-thru evidence storage lockers require evidence to be deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors.

  • Items can only be removed by authorized personnel.
  • Lockers easily mount against a wall.
  • Can be converted to pass-thru configuration.

Standard Keyless Evidence Storage Locker

Provides a secure chain of custody without keys.

  • Push-button, keyless locks on front doors.
  • Multi-point locking systems.
  • Non-pass-thru configurations include keyed different (w/master key) for evidence retrieval.

Electronic Evidence Storage Locker

The ControlLoc® Technology electronic access system offers increased accountability through computerized tracking and monitoring of locker door activity.

  • On-demand activity report generation.
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central location.
  • On-site software setup and training.
  • Choose from five modes of operation.
  • Access with card or PIN.
Download Evidence Configurations

Download Evidence Locker Configurations

We offer a variety of door sizes to optimize your space. Choose the evidence locker configuration that works best for your facility.

Evidence storage lockers help secure the chain of custody.

Temporary evidence storage lockers help maintain the chain of custody from the crime scene to the courtroom. We help police departments, sheriff departments, drug enforcement agencies, and other law enforcement agencies with evidence management and evidence storage.

We offer Spacesaver evidence storage lockers in a variety of options and configurations, including pass-through evidence lockers, non-pass-through evidence lockers, evidence lockers with keyless access, and electronic evidence lockers with evidence locker monitoring software. Spacesaver temporary evidence lockers can also be fitted with a secure drop slot, which allows officers to save space by dropping multiple packets of small evidence into one evidence locker.