Art Racks

Keep your framed art collection protected & organized.

With Spacesaver's line of art racks - also known as art screens - users can experience easy operation, security and increased storage capacity while keeping their collection protected and organized.

spacesaver modular art rack

art rack floor support pull out

art rack hanging art mobile lateral system

art rack mobile system mounted

Designed for Museum Needs

Our systems make the most of your space and can be easily installed on existing floors or planned into new construction.

  • Low Vibration

    An overhead track and a precision frictionless roller bearing trolley system, work in unison to provide smooth guidance and minimize vibration.

  • Sway Prevention

    Protection is further enhanced with a unique anti-sway guide wheel mounted at the front base of each panel, as well as a floor-anchored guide mechanism at the rear. Working in tandem to virtually eliminate screen sway and vibration.

  • Maximum Accessibility

    Wire mesh is flush with the frame on both sides, offering unlimited flexibility regarding how artwork is arranged. Our wheel sections can be nested for maximum density and can be configured for any space.

Which Rack is Right for You?

Mod-Glider Pro™

Spacesaver's newest modular art rack system combines smooth operation with versatile storage capacity. Its pullout screen loading is transferred directly to the floor, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted operation, while its welded wire or punched triangle pattern screens offer secured storage for many forms of visual art.

Wall-Mounted Art Rack

Art screens can be installed directly onto walls and combined to create installations of virtually any size. This option is particularly helpful when large works need to be stored or when a large wall presents an opportunity to convert unused space into useful and attractive storage.

Lateral Art Rack

Floor-mounted lateral art racks provide convenience and flexibility, helping maximize space while protecting hanging art.

Carriage-mounted Art Rack

Art racks can be mounted on mobile carriages in a variety of ways. This allows clients to integrate framed art storage into new or existing high-density storage systems along with museum cabinets, shelving, and other storage solutions.

Floor-supported Pull-out Art Rack

This is an excellent option when a facility’s floor can handle the weight of the system and stored artwork. An overhead unistrut provides stability and guidance, while the center-flange rail eliminates the gap between the rails and flooring. The result is a system that operates smoothly while minimizing build-up of dust and debris in the rails.

Overhead-Supported Pull-Out Art Rack System

Overhead-supported, pull-out art rack systems are used to safely store, access, organize and protect framed art and cultural artifacts. A single polyurethane tracking wheel at the leading edge of each rack provides guidance, eliminating the need for rails.

Maximize your storage space.

Ready to take your art storage to the next level? Our experts have the knowledge and the solutions to provide access to staff and visibility to patrons.