High-bay Mobile Shelving

Moveable Shelving that Maximizes Off-site Archival Storage Spaces

The gold standard for storing boxes, books, or other materials in off-site facilities. Static Xtend High-Bay Shelving is similar to traditional shelving but extends up to 35 feet high to make the most of the vertical space in your facility.

high-bay off-site shelving system

High-bay Shelving

  • Accessible Aisles

    Gain more aisles to increase your capacity and floorspace while maintaining easy access.

  • Accessories Designed to Protect Your Collection

    Backstops, non-off-gassing paint, and adjustable shelf heights are just a few of the features.

  • Multi-System Integration

    The high-bay system can be integrated with other systems such as HVAC and fire suppression.

How It Works

Traditional shelving or racking waste space in the aisles. High-density storage mounts shelving or racking on “carriages” that move along rails in the floor, to consolidate stored items into a smaller space. Mobile systems have a smaller footprint with the same capacity as a larger structure by creating open space that can be used for more storage or workspace.

high-density mobile compact shelving

moving storage aisle with phone ap

TUSC™ Control App

Using Bluetooth connectivity, turn your mobile device into a remote control for your powered system with the TUSC™ Control app. With your Android or iOS phone or tablet, you can open and close aisles from up to 100 feet away, acquire safety information, and search for stored products.

Architects & Designers

Learn how high-bay shelving has helped to transform spaces across the country. Schedule an AIA Continuing Education Course for credits.

high-density mobile safety options

Your safety is our priority.

Operator safety is assured regardless of which high-density storage solution you choose. We provide a choice of safety measures and can assist you in selecting the best alternatives depending on the following criteria:

  • Your storage requirements.
  • Whether your system is powered or static.
  • Whether the system will be available to the public or only limited to specially trained personnel.

Shelving for Off-Site Facilities

Spacesaver’s XTend® Mobile High-bay Storage Systems eliminate wasted aisle space in off-site storage facilities to provide even more capacity in the same space.

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