Improve efficiency, save time, and boost workplace morale with high-density storage systems designed just for you. We work with you to understand your processes and create solutions to help everyone on your team get what they need, right when they need it.

Support your firm’s commitment to comfort and collaboration.

Modern Offices

By encouraging collaboration and networking, the concept of “hoteling” or “hot-desking” improves efficiency in office environments. We can help "Unlock the Potential" within your work space with Day Use Lockers and high-density office storage.

Download our Day Use Lockers brochure to learn everything about lock options, finish options, sizes, and more.

Make a strong statement with creative design elements.

Turn a blank wall into useful space.


Impress customers and showcase more merchandise in less space. We help make the most of every cubic inch of your valuable real estate, with innovative solutions and custom finishes that blend in seamlessly with your interior design.

This shoe store needed to keep a lot of inventory on hand, but they didn’t have much space. A Spacesaver system doubled their storage capacity and also blended in with the shop’s interior design.

An upscale architectural fittings manufacturer wanted to showcase products in a way that reflected the firm’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

A high-end outerwear brand wanted shoppers to be able to try on any style coat, in any size. A Spacesaver “vault” enhances the retail experience while also storing more product in less space.

“It’s always a ‘wow’ moment for our customers.”

– Showroom Designer

Optimize space while also keeping cleaning supplies and bulk items organized and accessible.


We help hotels and resorts improve customer service and reduce the risk of staff injuries.

Safe and effective high-density storage solutions help teams work safer, smarter, and faster.

Employee uniforms stay clean, organized, and accessible when stored on high-density storage systems.

Staff can turn rooms over quickly, avoid injuries, and respond efficiently to guests’ requests.

“So many properties forego storage space for guest features up front, but heart of the house impacts our guests just as much as new carpets or sofas in the lobby.”

– Resort General Manager

Cannabis Dispensary

Improve the customer experience while keeping merchandise accessible and secure.

In the storefront, our high-density storage systems can be completely customized to integrate with your interior design. In the backroom, efficient storage systems optimize space and promote best practices in inventory tracking.

Cannabis Dispensary Storage System

Create stunning displays and consolidate stock in half the space.

cannabis dispensary high-density mobile storage

Create stunning displays and consolidate stock in half the space.

High-density storage for any business environment.

At MOTUS, we specialize in helping businesses optimize space and security. As the only authorized Spacesaver dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Wyoming, we offer space planning services and high-density storage products that enhance the performance and appearance of any business, from offices to retail shops and showrooms, to resorts.

We’re experts in space planning and process improvement. Connect with us to arrange a free consultation.