Modular Shelf Bin Organizers

Keep small items organized and fully accessible.

Keep medications, small parts, and other items organized and accessible with shelf bin organizers and small plastic bin storage systems. Mount horizontal rails or steel pegboard to sturdy steel frames to increase efficiency and productivity.

Modular Shelf Bin Organizer

Retrieve and replace items efficiently with the FrameWRX® Storage System. This shelf bin organizer is composed of a basic frame, a unique horizontal rail system, and a host of components like plastic bins and shelves that hang on the rail. The rail system attaches to the structural frame and gives FrameWRX an unmatched degree of flexibility and configurability.

Rails can be adjusted by hand to accommodate horizontal bin storage or sloped storage for gravity-fed bins.

The system provides even more convenience and flexibility when mounted on a WRX Wheels® cart, installed in a high-density lateral system (FrameWRX HD), or installed on a compact mobile storage system.

shelving bin organizer


Stationary shelving is ideal for busy pharmacies and other settings where the need for full accessibility at all times outweighs the need to optimize space.

mobile bin storage FrameWRX


This system compresses two rows of storage, providing compact storage in the smallest possible footprint. It allows complete visibility and accessibility, and it’s easy to install and configure.

high-density bin compact storage

Compact Mobile

Save space while also preserving accessibility. Compact mobile systems mount shelving and bins on “carriages” that slide on rails.

download frameWRX brochure

FrameWRX Brochure

Download the FrameWRX brochure to learn more about modular bin storage options.

shelf bin storage wheel hospital cart

Mobile Bin Cart System

For ultimate convenience and flexibility, mount your shelf bin organizer system on our WRX Wheels® Transport System. Keep small parts organized and close at hand.

Steel Pegboard Storage

Securely store supplies and equipment. The WeaponWRX™ Storage System uses steel pegboard as a base for storing just about anything: tools, equipment, weapons, and accessories. Steel pegboard allows the rugged, modular steel frames to be configured with a variety of components to accommodate anything you need to store, and the system offers far more durability than wood or plastic pegboard.

This system can be mounted on a wall, installed in our Universal™ Weapons Rack, or installed on a cart.

small parts storage weapon rack

WeaponWRX Carts

Ideal for athletic equipment rooms, police departments, and other facilities that require portable solutions. Get the same rugged reliability of the WeaponWRX system combined with the flexibility of a cart.

high-density pegboard storage

Steel Pegboard on High-Density Storages

WeaponWRX steel pegboard can be mounted on steel frames and high-density systems to create versatile, space-saving solutions for tools, medical supplies, and a variety of other items

wall mounted weapon workbench


Create a workbench or a storage station by mounting WeaponWRX steel pegboard to a wall. Perfect for tools, weapons, or even medical supplies.

weapon rack bin small parts storage

Universal Weapons Rack

Install steel pegboard in a UWR® for even more configurability.

Need expert space planning insights?

Save space and gain efficiency with modular shelf bin organizers.

Our modular storage systems use steel pegboard and a rail system to organize medications, small parts, and other items. Ideal for pharmacy storage, medication storage, veterinary storage, and other healthcare applications, the small bin storage system can be reconfigured on the fly. Gravity bin organizers and stackable bin organizers can be stationary, mounted on wheels, or mounted on high-density storage systems. We also offer steel pegboard for weapons storage, ammunitions storage, tool storage, and small parts storage.