Pallet Racking that Moves on Rails

Movable Racking Saves Space & Increases Capacity

Pallet racking that moves on rails allows warehouses, factories, MROs, and other industrial-type facilities to store more items in less space. By mounting new or existing pallet racking onto a heavy-duty carriage-and-rail system, Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System eliminates idle aisles to compactly store even the largest and heaviest tools, supplies, and equipment.

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Heavy-duty Mobile Racking

  • Eliminate Idle Aisles

    Increase capacity or gain floorspace.

  • Maintain 100% Accessibility to All Items

    Eliminate FIFO (first in, first out) issues.

  • Conserve Resources in Cold Warehouses

    Optimize climate-controlled space.

  • Eliminate Need to Expand or Move to New Location

    Gain more space in your current facility.

  • No Specialized Forklift Trucks Necessary

    You specify the aisle width.

How It Works

Traditional shelving or racking wastes space in the aisles. High-density storage mounts shelving or racking on “carriages” that move along rails in the floor, which consolidates stored items into a smaller space. The open space that’s created can be used for more storage or workspace, or, if you’re designing a new building, these systems can help create a smaller footprint with the same capacity as a larger structure

high-density mobile compact shelving

moving storage aisle with phone ap

TUSC™ Control App

Turn your mobile device into a remote control for your powered system with the TUSC™ Control app using Bluetooth connectivity. Open and close aisles from up to 100 feet away, get safety info, and search for stored items with your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Which system is right for you?

ActivRAC is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. No matter which system you choose, you can be assured that Spacesaver systems are safe, reliable, and built to last.

ActivRAC 3M ActivRAC 7M & 7P ActivRAC 16P ActivRAC 30P
light-duty light to medicum-duty heaviest-duty heaviest-duty
3,000 lbs. max capacity 7,000 lbs. max capacity 16,000 lbs. max capacity 30,000 lbs. max capacity
mechanical-assist mechanical-assist or powered controls powered controls powered controls

ActivRAC® 3M

A sturdy solution for lighter-duty applications.

  • 3,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section
  • Mechanical-assist handle with user-activated anti-roll safety lock
  • Diagonal bracing maintains carriage alignment
  • Accommodates new or existing shelving

ActivRAC® 7M & 7P

A mid-range option for light- to medium-duty settings.

  • 7,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section
  • Aisles can be opened with mechanical-assist handles (7M) or powered controls (7P)
  • Available in standard powder-coated steel or stainless steel (7M-SS)
  • Accommodates new or existing 4-post shelving and drawer systems, cantilever shelving, or light- to medium-duty pallet racking

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ActivRAC® 16P

Designed for medium- to heavy-duty applications.

  • 16,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section
  • Powered systems can be operated by hand, remote control, or mobile app
  • Unleveled, surface-mount or recessed rail
  • Accommodates new or existing pallet racking

ActivRAC® 30P

Our most robust mobile pallet racking system for the heaviest jobs.

  • 30,000 lbs. capacity per carriage/wheel section
  • Powered systems can be operated by hand, remote control, or mobile app
  • Structural Footings and Leveled Rail
  • Accommodates new or existing pallet racking

Your safety is our priority

No matter which high-density storage system you choose, you can be assured of operator safety. We provide a variety of safety features and we can help you choose the best options based on:

  • Your storage needs.
  • Whether your system is powered or manually controlled.
  • Whether the system will be accessed by the general public or restricted to trained personnel.

high-density mobile safety options

Open Aisles Anytime.

We offer three modes of operation: manual, mechanical-assist, or powered control.

Pallet Racking that Moves on Rails

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage Systems have been trusted by warehouses, factories, and other workplaces for decades. These systems preserve full accessibility and selectivity while compactly storing a wide variety of materials.

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