Touch-Free Control for Powered Mobile Systems

MOTUS adds Gesture Control™ to its product offering lineup.

MOTUS Storage Solutions offers a wide range of storage systems – from static to mobile applications – focused on saving space, increasing capacity, and streamlining processes for their users.

One of these solutions, High-Density Mobile Storage, can be operated by several methods, including an electrically powered control head. For customers looking to offer advanced ways to improve operational efficiency, Spacesaver has released its Gesture Control™ feature for use with their Powered High-Density Mobile Systems.

An Easier Method of Access

In order to serve a diverse set of organizations, MOTUS works with their manufacturing partners to offer solutions that can adapt to the future demands of our customers and make it easier to operate their businesses.

For those customers who use a Spacesaver powered mobile system, we can now offer a touch-free method of access that is activated by movement. Spacesaver’s Gesture Control™ feature allows users to simple wave in the direction they need the system to open to. Whether it’s with a free hand or their hands are full, the control’s sensor can detect the motion and act accordingly.

gesture control powered mobile sytem control head

Supporting System Longevity & User Health

As Gesture Control™ nearly eliminates the need to physically touch the panel, it will see less wear from constant use. This can prove to be a boost to your organization’s bottom line, as replacing control heads can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Similarly, utilizing this innovative new control feature will help to maintain the health and well-being of your staff. By minimizing surface contact, you can in turn reduce the transfer of contaminants from user to user, allowing both workers and the items with which they are working to remain in pristine condition.

Facilitating Efficient Movement

For more information on what this innovative feature can do you for and your powered mobile systems, contact our dedicated storage experts to set up a no-cost, on-site space assessment.

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