Library Design That Reflects the Environment and Needs of the Community

Discover how LINC is transforming the library experience.

The High Plains Library District transformed the former Greeley Tribune building into LINC, a Library Innovation Center that offers a range of services and resources for the community. One of the most innovative features of LINC is its storage systems, supplied by MOTUS, which are designed to incorporate Greeley’s environmental aspects. In this blog, we will take a closer look at how MOTUS helped LINC deliver an efficient library experience for its visitors.

Bridging Innovation and Community Engagement

In the heart of Greeley, Colorado, a beacon of innovation and community engagement stands tall: the LINC Library Innovation Center. Spanning an impressive 62,000 square feet, this architectural marvel represents the next evolution of the High Plains Library District. But what sets LINC apart isn't just its size; it's the integration of cutting-edge amenities and a commitment to serving its community.

library curved storage shelving
flexible shelving curved library book shelving

A Hub of Creativity and Learning

At the core of LINC's offerings are its makerspaces – hubs of creativity equipped with everything from laser engravers to woodworking tools fit for artisans of all ages. The space encourages patrons to explore their passions, whether through crafting, recording music or podcasts, or experimenting with advanced technologies like 3D printing. With a range of classrooms, meeting spaces, and collaboration areas, the library serves as a catalyst for bringing people together to learn, create, and innovate.

Integrate Elements of The Natural World

The goal for the Greeley LINC Library is to create a connection to the community and its surroundings. Inspired by Greeley's history – particularly its ties to water and irrigation – the library's design pays tribute to innovators like B.H. Eaton, whose water tools revolutionized farming in Colorado.

flexible library spaces transforming shelves
cantilever library book shelving

From the facade patterned after the local watershed system, to the flowing BCI bookshelves winding into the main collection, built to resemble waves of the water, the entire space was thoughtfully considered both for form and function and to integrate elements from the natural world.

One of the standout features of LINC is its incorporation of Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving. Designed with functionality and flexibility in mind, these shelving systems blend into the library's aesthetic while providing durable storage solutions for books, materials, and more. With options for customization and expansion, Spacesaver shelving ensures that LINC can adapt to the changing needs of its patrons over time.

A Vision Brought to Life

The journey to bring LINC to fruition was a collaborative effort, with MOTUS Space Solutions playing a pivotal role. From the initial meeting at the American Library Association (ALA) show to the final installation, MOTUS worked hand-in-hand with the project team to ensure that the storage solutions met the library's unique requirements.

cantilever library display shelving
modern library sculpture book shelving

A Beacon of Possibility

LINC stands as a testament to the power of community spaces. It's more than just a library; it's a hub for learning, creativity, and collaboration. Whether you're an artist, a maker, or simply seeking a quiet space to read, LINC welcomes you to come and explore the endless possibilities within its walls.

Encourage Creativity & Innovation

For more information on library shelving to make room for makerspaces or special collections storage for your community’s treasures, contact our dedicated storage experts to set up a no-cost, on-site space assessment.

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