Spacesaver electronic rolling shelving or hand crank?

How to decide which control option is right for you.

Do you need more room for work areas or to gain more storage capacity? MOTUS offers Spacesaver compact storage systems that allow you to store more in less space. We can mount your new or existing shelving, cabinets, or racking on “carriages” that move on rails.

Benefits of compact storage:

Store more in less space

Keep users safe

Designed for your space

Use new or existing shelving, racking, or cabinets

Customizable appearance

If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase a rolling shelving system with mechanical assist controls (hand cranks) or electronic controls (push button or LCD screen), we can offer help in making your decision.

REQUIREMENTS Mechanical-Assist Recommended Electronic (Powered) Recommended
Safety Options Available
Increase Storage Capacity
ADA Compliance
Small System (fewer than 10 carriages)
Large System (10 or more carriages)
Public Access
Restricted Access / Audit Trail
Storing Fragile Items
Hands-free Access
Speed / Efficiency
Wireless Diagnostics
Automatic Movement
Overhead Lighting


Spacesaver’s electronic rolling shelving systems are the most reliable in the industry and they’re covered by a ten-year warranty. Many of Spacesaver’s systems have performed reliably for 25 years or more before needing an electronics update.

When these systems do need servicing, wireless diagnostics let your local MOTUS technicians assess the situation quickly to minimize downtime. If your system loses power, a battery backup ensures reliable operation.

high-density mobile safety options


Both control options have built-in safety systems. Mechanical-assist systems offer a manually operated lock, and electronic systems provide a variety of advanced safety options.

All Spacesaver electronic systems come with redundant safety devices. That's one of the reasons why we recommend powered systems when shelving will be accessed by the general public. For instance, public libraries often choose powered shelving because untrained people will be using the system. An electronic system’s safety beams work like an automatic garage door opener, sweeping open aisles to stop movement when a person or an object is detected in an open aisle.



Time savings add up when aisles are opened frequently. Powered rolling shelving systems move many carriages at once, and users enter an aisle as soon as it begins to open.

powered mobile app moveable shelves

Touchless Access

If you’re concerned about high-touch surfaces, you can easily open powered systems with your own mobile device via the TUSC app, instead of using buttons or an LCD screen.

Soft Start - Soft Stop

Spacesaver’s “soft start - soft stop” feature on powered systems eliminates the risk of shock damage. This feature also reduces electric draw as well as wear and tear on the system’s drive components.

This museum stores its fragile pottery collection on electronic rolling shelving. 

Enhanced Security

Want to ensure security? Get PIN- or badge-operated security and an audit trail with our powered systems. Unauthorized users can’t open aisles, and the system generates a report of who accessed aisles and at what dates and times.

This company’s Human Resources department uses an audit trail to safeguard employees’ personal information. 

Programmable Movement

Electric shelving systems offer pre-programmed movement modes. Will your system have an aisle that’s accessed most frequently? Set the system to keep that priority aisle open unless someone needs to open another aisle. If your team will need to keep aisles partially open to promote ventilation, you’ll be able to set the system to “ventilation park.” The optional “fire park” mode connects to your building’s alarm system.

See how the “ventilation park” feature maintains ideal storage conditions in a lab.

powered wireless diagnostic system

Fast, Wireless Diagnostics

Although our systems rarely need service, technicians can use a wireless diagnostic system to speed up service calls on powered systems.

Comparing Cost

Because we design every system specifically for your space and your needs, cost is variable. It depends on the size of your system, any aesthetic add-ons you might want (like custom colors, finishes, and accessories), and other factors. In general, electronic rolling shelving systems do cost more than our mechanical-assist systems, but when our clients consider the long-term value, they decide it’s worth it.

Making Your Decision

You’ll be able to store more supplies or equipment in less space, no matter which Spacesaver system you choose. If you’re looking for optimal efficiency, choose powered systems for their safety, ease of use, reliability, and other features.

Choose the Best Moving Shelving System for Your Space 

If you’re looking for moving shelving systems and space planning assistance in Colorado, New Mexico, western Texas, and eastern Wyoming, contact us to arrange a free consultation. There’s no cost and no obligation, so connect with us today!

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