How High-Density Storage Works

Traditional shelving or racking wastes space in the aisles. High-density storage mounts shelving or racking on “carriages” that slide along rails in the floor, which consolidates the same amount of stored items into a smaller space.

The space that’s gained can be used for more storage or as an additional workspace, or, when planning a new building, it can result in a smaller footprint with the same capacity as a larger structure.

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No Wasted Space
With traditional static shelving, a large percentage of floor space is wasted in aisles.

Create More Space
Mobile shelving delivers the same capacity as static shelving in half the floor space.

Double Capacity
Mobile shelving allows you to double the storage capacity of your existing floor space.

Easily move your shelves the way you want to.

Choose from three options to open aisles: manual, mechanical-assist, and powered control.


Activate system movement with the push of a button on a variety of powered system control options and use your phone or tablet to control your system from up to 100 feet away.

Mechanical Assist

Simply turning an ergonomically designed, soft-touch, three spoke rotating handle. This handle allows users to move heavier loads with only one pound of effort.


Pulling the handle moves the carriage from side to side. Ideal for smaller mobile storage systems with lighter loads and budget constraints.

Your safety is our priority.

Safety has been paramount for Spacesaver’s engineering teams for nearly 50 years. We’ve pioneered virtually every significant safety feature in the industry. The safety system you choose will depend on your needs, the mode of operation, and whether the system will be accessed by the general public or restricted to authorized personnel. We urge you to let us do a space assessment and make recommendations for your project.

high-density mobile safety options

Safety Sweep

This bar provides full aisle protection for people and objects in the open aisles of high-density mobile storage systems by automatically stopping carriage movement upon contact with an obstacle.

high-density mobile safety options

Photo Sweep®

An infrared light beam stops system movement when broken by a person’s foot or another object.

high-density mobile safety options

Aisle Entry Sensor

Cross-aisle sensors mounted 20 inches (508 mm) up from the carriage base stop the system from moving if a person enters a closing aisle.

high-density mobile safety options

Zero Force Sensor®

This system detects a person’s entry into a moving aisle or a person or object’s presence in an open aisle and automatically locks down carriage movement. Multiple infrared photoelectric beams cross an open aisle over the full length of the carriage.

download basic HDMS single
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