Chemotherapy Supply Storage

When this cancer treatment center expanded, better chemotherapy supply storage was at the top of the staff’s wish list.

The Challenge: Designing Smart Storage in a New Building Addition

This cancer center was located in an area far from large urban hospitals. To help more patients in the region avoid long trips to distant treatment centers, an addition was designed to incorporate more chemotherapy infusion areas and new exam rooms.

Better chemotherapy supply storage was a top priority in the new addition, because supply storage was severely lacking in the original facility. As a result, staff had been struggling with inadequate storage for more than a decade. The planning and design team knew that treating more patients would require them to store even more medical supplies like tubing, bags, and gauze. They also knew that these items need to be kept sterile and organized, and that these items can take up a lot of space in storage areas.

To create a floorplan with plenty of room for infusion rooms and other patient care areas, the team would need to optimize storage space. They also wanted to help staff keep supplies organized by consolidating storage in one central location.

In short, the design team needed a medical supply storage solution that would:

  • Optimize space in the supply room
  • Keep items clean
  • Keep items organized
  • Be safe and easy to use
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Compact, Organized Healthcare Supply Storage

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The Solution: Shelving that Moves

The design team had seen Spacesaver systems in other healthcare supply room storage areas, so they were interested in learning if a Spacesaver system would be right for their facility.

The MOTUS consultant worked with the architect to design a centrally located medical supply room fitted with a Spacesaver high-density mobile system. “Carriages” slide along rails and bear the weight of 4-post shelving, wire decking, and all the stored chemotherapy supplies. The room is secured with a keypad lock to prevent unauthorized access.

medical compact supply storage
moveable medical supply storage
sterile medical supply storage

The Result: Compact, Consolidated Chemotherapy Supply Storage

The new Spacesaver compact shelving system provides plenty of storage space for the new addition and the existing building. The system helps staff save valuable time by keeping medical supplies organized, clean, accessible, and secure. Best of all, the facility can serve more patients in the region and prevent long trips to distant hospitals.

The Spacesaver compact shelving system:

  • Consolidates medical supplies
  • Keeps supplies clean and organized
  • Frees up space for patient treatment
  • Is safe and easy to use

Connect with the Medical Supply Storage Experts

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