Employee Lockers for a Secure Office Workplace

Day Use Lockers reflect a modern approach to the workplace.

Due to the growing popularity of remote work, many offices are undergoing renovations. Even before the COVID pandemic, this office had seen that about 30% of workplace desks were vacant on any given day, owing to employees' work-related travel, vacation or sick leave, or a preference for working remotely.

This office has been shifting away from assigned office workstations in favor of "ABW" or Activity-Based Workplace design to maximize office space and enable in-office employees to choose their preferred work surroundings. Employees in the office are encouraged to choose different work places for learning, collaborating, and socializing throughout the day. Collaboration with remote coworkers is easier in technology-rich contexts.

Clutter Problems in Modern Spaces

This office planning and design team wanted their renovated facility to represent their modern approach to work. They created "heads down" work rooms as well as creative meeting and collaboration spaces.

They also dealt with office clutter in a practical manner. They determined that without designated desks and offices, employees would require lockers to store personal laptops, gym bags, and other personal things after discussing with employees. Staff would also need to keep jackets and coats, as well as wet shoes on rainy days and snowy boots in the winter, due to the frigid environment.

designer employee office lockers

“We were impressed by Spacesaver’s quality, durability, and willingness to work with us on the aesthetics of this project.”
– Holly Handford, Number TEN Architectural Group

The designers didn't want the lockers to only be functional; they wanted them to complement the rest of the office's modern aesthetic.

Recognizing the need for a customized solution, the design team enlisted the help of a local consultant to discuss their alternatives and sketch out designs.

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A Beautiful and Functional Space

The newly remodeled office is light and airy, with contemporary furnishings and easy access to technology. By providing a handy option to protect possessions during the workday, the Spacesaver Day Use Lockers help keep the office tidy and clutter-free. The lockers' high-end style and feel integrate in perfectly with other design components, and their integration with solid steel bases enables simple storage for filthy boots and shoes.

How to Get Designer Lockers for Your Office

We are available to assist as workplaces evolve to provide additional options for both in-office and remote employees. We can provide photographs of previous projects as well as product details. Please contact us to set up a free consultation with an expert in your area, who can meet with you either online or in person.

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