Extra-Sturdy Museum Art Racks

Protecting museum collections in a seismically active area.

Spacesaver offers a wide variety of safe and durable art racks that can be further engineered to withstand seismic events for applications in earthquake-prone areas. The result is an art storage solution that doubles down on safety and durability to help protect valuable collections.

The Challenge: Designing an Art Rack System for a Seismically Active Area

One example involves a client who purchased a competitor’s art rack system that unfortunately collapsed during an earthquake in the spring of 2020. Although no one was injured and none of the artwork suffered permanent damage, the client wanted to provide better protection in the future. Staff asked the western US-based Spacesaver consultant to design a stronger, more durable solution.

The Solution: Designing Extra-Sturdy Museum Art Racks for Hanging Art

The consultant contacted Spacesaver’s engineering team to relay the client’s request, and the engineers combined two standard products to create an art rack system that was stronger and more compact than the competitor’s system that had failed. They designed a floor-mounted nested lateral art rack and then modified Spacesaver’s standard overhead anti-tip components to integrate with the art racks and accommodate their movement.


The Result: Safe Storage in Half the Space

The end result was a system that had an added safety factor from an engineering standpoint, which assured the client’s staff that their collection would no longer be at risk. As an added bonus, the Spacesaver system allowed the client to store the same collection in half the space.

Learn About Museum Art Rack Options

With so many options to choose from, you might be wondering which art rack system is right for your collection and your space. As the only authorized Spacesaver dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Texas and Wyoming, we will provide you with answers to your questions as well as a free space review.

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