Keyless Library Lockers from Spacesaver and MOTUS

Library staff wanted to provide better access to special collections, and they also wanted to protect collections by providing secure temporary storage for patrons’ personal belongings. See how they worked with us to “unlock the potential” of their space.

The Challenge: Protect Special Collections and Patrons’ Belongings

Staff at this major urban library wanted to improve public access to the special collections area, but they also wanted to protect the collections from potential damage. To help reduce the risk to collections, they decided to prohibit bags and backpacks from the special collections area.

That created a problem, because many patrons brought these items to the library and they would need a secure place to store them while they conducted research.

day use locker for libraries

Library staff wanted lockers that would be:


To prevent problems with lost keys.



To help patrons focus on their research.


ADA Compliant

To ensure that everyone could use the lockers.


Sleek & Attractive

To coordinate with the rest of the library's look.



To eliminate maintenance issues.

The Solution: Keyless Library Lockers

The design team chose Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers with keypad locks with easy-to-use integrated handles.

They decided to configure the lockers in two counter-height “islands” that stand near the entrance to the special collections area. Topped with authentic wooden tops, the lockers provide convenient work surfaces as well as storage for bags, backpacks, snacks, and other items that patrons need to lock up while they conduct research. The wooden tops and sides also tied in with other design elements throughout the library. Procurement was simple because Spacesaver was already providing shelving for the renovation.

Download Day Use Locker Brochure

Unlock the Potential

How to Choose the Best Library Lockers

When choosing library lockers for your patrons, you want secure, reliable lockers that are convenient and easy to use. Download our Day Use Lockers brochure to learn about configurations, sizes, finish options, lock options, and more.

The Result: Keyless Library Lockers that Protect Collections

The lockers protect collections and patrons' belongings. They also complement the rest of the library's interior design and create a convenient, counter-height workspace.

The Spacesaver library lockers:

  • Protect special collections
  • Help patrons focus on their research
  • Are keyless and ADA-accessible
  • Integrate with the library’s interior design
  • Are durable, high-quality steel

Connect with the Library Locker Experts

Does your library need sleek, secure lockers? Contact us for expert design assistance and product information. Our Spacesaver steel library lockers are known for dependability and durability, and your design options are endless.

We’re the only authorized Spacesaver distributorship in Colorado, New Mexico, western Texas, and eastern Wyoming, and it’s easy to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. Connect with us today to “unlock the potential” of your space!

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