Storing More Test Kits in a COVID Testing Lab

Spacesaver’s cold room rolling shelving systems helped increase a COVID testing lab’s storage capacity.

The Challenge: Storing More Test Kits in Limited Space

This diagnostic laboratory conducts medical testing for thousands of patients at regional hospitals and health clinics. In order to process more COVID-19 tests, staff needed to increase storage capacity in two walk-in refrigerators.

Lab staff needed a compact cold storage shelving system that would:

  • Optimize space to hold more test kits
  • Keep kits organized
  • Accept specially treated wire shelving
  • Be easy to clean
  • Be relocated if needed

The Solution: Cold Room Shelving that Moves

After looking at a variety of options, staff decided to purchase three Spacesaver moving shelving systems: one system for materials storage and two cold room shelving systems for storing the lab’s test kits in refrigerated rooms.

The Spacesaver rolling shelving systems in the refrigerated rooms feature half-height end panels with clear plexiglass extending to full height. The plexiglass allows for quick visual inspection while also ensuring that kits won’t fall off. The systems also have a “false floor” that is easy to clean and will allow the system to be relocated in the future.

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How to Choose the Best Cold Room Shelving Systems

When you need to increase storage capacity in your lab, clinic, or hospital, be sure to optimize the space you have with high-density mobile shelving systems from Spacesaver and MOTUS.

Want to learn more about shelves that move and get all the info you need to make the best decision? Download our Spacesaver “Mobile Basics” brochure!

The Spacesaver lab cold room shelving system:

  • Is easy and safe to use
  • Optimizes space in walk-in refrigerators
  • Keeps kits organized
  • Can be moved in the future

The Result: 6x Capacity Increase with Rolling Shelving for Cold Rooms

The Spacesaver moving shelves optimize space in the lab’s walk-in cold rooms and in the materials storage area. Staff can easily open and close aisles using a mechanical-assist handle, and the system is clean and safe. Most importantly, the lab’s ability to run more tests means that patients and doctors are getting their COVID test results faster.

Connect with the Experts in Lab Cold Room Shelving

Do you need to gain more storage capacity in your lab’s cold room or walk-in freezer or refrigerator? Contact us for product information and expert design assistance. Our Spacesaver rolling shelving systems are safe and easy to use, and we can design systems to optimize any space.

We’re the only authorized Spacesaver distributorship in Colorado, New Mexico, western Texas, and eastern Wyoming, and we’re here to help design the best, most reliable system for your hospital, lab, or clinic. Connect with us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation!

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