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Library Shelving on Wheels

Libraries are transforming to offer more programs and services, but finding space for new technology and special events can be a challenge. That’s why we help design reconfigurable spaces that serve multiple functions. Library shelving on wheels can be moved around to create space for guest speakers, makerspace projects, collaboration, and community events.

See how these three modern libraries use movable bookshelves to make the best use of their space.

flex library shelving
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movable library book shelves

Library shelving on concealed casters has the look of stationary shelving with the flexibility of mobile carts.

Library Shelving with Concealed Casters at a College Library

Faculty and staff wanted to create adaptable and aesthetically pleasing spaces on the main floor of this new college library, so they opted for Spacesaver’s cantilever shelving on concealed casters. The shelving units have the appearance of stationary shelving combined with the flexibility of mobile carts.

Upper floors were fitted with taller stationary cantilever shelving, and a high-density shelving system was installed in the archives area. All shelving units in the public areas were finished with custom wood end panels for a sleek, unified look throughout the building.

As with all our cantilever shelving, our movable bookshelves offer a wide variety of accessories, including browsing bins, zig-zag displays, and more.

Movable Bookshelves at a New Public Library

As the design team was working on this new public library, staff expressed the need for shelving that could be moved out of the way to create open spaces for community events and other special activities. They also wanted the library to have an open feel that would allow them to see from one end of the building to the other.

The local Spacesaver consultant collaborated with the architect and library staff to design configurable library shelving on casters. The units are 49” tall, the same height as the library’s static cantilever shelving, and the low-profile design provides a sturdy structure. Custom end panels were sourced regionally to coordinate with the rest of the library’s interior design.

Located in the children’s area, teen area, and media collections, these movable cantilever shelving units can easily be reconfigured to accept roll-out browsing boxes, small shelves for DVDs, and other interchangeable storage and display products.

library shelving that moves flexible libraries

Staff at this new library wanted movable bookshelves so they could create large open spaces for guest speakers, workshops, and other community events.

Want to learn more about hidden wheels on library shelving? Download the info sheet.

A variety of finishes and paint colors ensures that movable library bookshelves coordinate with any library’s interior design.

library shelving on hidden wheels

Library Shelving on Wheels at a Public Library

The staff at this public library wanted moveable library bookshelves to allow for the quick and easy reconfiguration of library spaces for story time, public events, and other uses. They didn’t want the casters to be visible, though. They wanted the appearance of standard library shelving and the flexibility of shelving on wheels.

They chose a set of sturdy shelving units that blend in with the library’s interior design while also offering flexibility. The weight of stored items causes the carts to remain stationary when patrons browse, and two people are generally required to push the carts to a new location.

Connect with us to learn more about library shelving on wheels.

As you begin thinking about your library’s remodel, renovation, or new facility design, connect with our space optimization consultants to learn about all your options. From high-density shelving to makerspace lockers, shelving on wheels, and archival cabinets, we offer everything you need to create enduring library storage solutions.

Best of all, as Spacesaver’s only authorized distributor in Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Texas, MOTUS offers expert space planning insights to help make the most of your space. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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