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Spacesaver is proud to announce Nantucket Drawers and Trays, the latest addition to our line of shelving accessories. Designed to bring flexibility and versatility to any interior environment, Nantucket is fully compatible with our 4-post shelving and works seamlessly with all our other 4-post accessories like dividers, hanging rods, and more.

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Ideal for keeping essential supplies and equipment close at hand, Nantucket can be used in virtually any space, from IT departments to makerspaces to tool rooms. The system, originally inspired by a special request from the Nantucket Historical Society, is particularly well-suited to storing museum collections.

Here’s how it’s used at the American Civil War Museum

The Challenge: Two Museums, a Tight Budget & Space Contraints

When two museums merged to create the new American Civil War Museum, staff got the chance to re-think their collections storage. Each of the museums had their own collections storage equipment, including old cabinets and shelving, but they decided they wanted the new space to function consistently and have a uniform look throughout.

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Like many project planning teams, they were on a tight budget and had strict space constraints. They needed a way to organize and protect artifacts like musician instruments, medals, and other small objects, while also using all the space from the floor to the ceiling—and they needed a budget-friendly way to do it.

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The Solution: High-Quality Museum Drawers & Trays in Shelving

They knew they needed museum-quality drawers and trays, but welded cabinets were beyond their budget. They opted for Spacesaver’s Nantucket system of museum drawers and trays, which are installed in 4-Post shelving units instead of cabinets. The trays can bear up to 100 pounds each and can be fully released and removed for study or conservation work.

Extend Your Options for Protecting Collection

Museum cabinets provide excellent protection for a variety of collections, but not all objects require the sealed interior environment that cabinets provide. When you want to optimize space, protect collections, and stay within your budget, Spacesaver makes it easy to extend your range of options.

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The Result: Optimized Space for Museum Collection Storage

Now both collections are housed together in one space, and the collections storage furniture has a consistent appearance and function throughout. Open shelving above the drawers and trays provides overhead storage for larger and bulkier items. They had the units installed on Spacesaver powered mobile shelving systems to accommodate the combined collections and provide room to grow in the future.

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Connect with the Experts in Museum Collections Storage

Need to save space on a budget? Contact us to get connected to your nearby Spacesaver consultant, who offers free space assessments and space planning assistance. We’ve been helping museums of all sizes for nearly 50 years, and we can help you, too! Contact us today.

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