Secure Storage Solutions for a Cannabis Dispensary

Developing a cost-effective and safe storage systems for high-value inventory.

This cannabis dispensary’s layout and well-organized storage system saves staff time, simplifies inventory control, and helps ensure compliance.

The Challenge: Reimagining a Bank

A new cannabis dispensary's planning and design team needed to transform an old bank building into a beautiful and functional dispensary. They have to follow a lot of norms and regulations in addition to creating an appealing environment for customers to peruse. At every step of the process, every ounce of goods had to be counted, and no product could be left out on the sales floor at night.

The vault is one of the most significant elements of any cannabis business. This is a very secure location, usually on-site, where overnight product from the sales floor is housed, as well as bulk commodities and infrequently accessed stock.

They required help managing the workflow around product storage and dispensing in a small space, so they sought advice from a local Spacesaver specialist.

vault secure dispensary inventory storage

The Solution: Flexible Bin System

dispensary inventory backroom storage

cannabis dispensary storage system

cannabis dispensary storage system

A distinct Spacesaver system for each of two locations in the dispensary's secure vault, as well as a bin system to store and transfer merchandise between the two regions, was devised by the local Spacesaver consultant.

An employee fills and distributes customer orders in the fulfillment room, which is a small chamber in the vault. The front shelving sections of a Spacesaver Lateral FrameWRX HD Storage System are mounted on carriages that move from side to side to enable access to the back row of stationary shelving.

A high-density mobile storage system optimizes space inside the vault, which is the real steel-lined vault left over from the bank. Bulk storage is located in this location.

The EZ Rail® Element from Spacesaver is installed in both sections to handle industry standard plastic bins. The customer brought a cart to help transport containers from one location to another.

movable indoor cannabis vertical grow racking

We also help indoor cultivators grow their yields and their profits with vertical grow room racking systems that integrate with your irrigation and lighting systems. And a complete cannabis drying system to minimizing handling.

The Result: Dispensary Storage Systems

The new system is considerably more efficient than relocating things every night and  keeps inventory organized and accessible. Only the stock on the sales floor needs to be relocated and secured at closing time because the fulfillment room is part of the vault. The storage systems also optimize the dispensary's floor plan and layout, allowing customers to wander more freely.

The clients are so happy with the results that they've requested a local Spacesaver expert to construct storage solutions for two more locations.

cannabis dispensary storage design ideas

Create Your Ideal Cannabis Dispensary Layout

Need help designing your optimal layout? Contact us for help in creating a dispensary floor plan that provides compact and accessible storage for your business.

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