Vertical Cannabis Racking to Maximize Canopy

Helping a cannabis cultivation facility triple its grow area.

Spacesaver and Hawthorne Gardening Co. teamed up to optimize space in a warehouse that was converted to a cannabis cultivation facility.

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Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System nearly tripled the canopy.

The Challenge: Optimizing Grow Area in a Converted Warehouse

When the project design team started planning their warehouse build-out, they had three major goals. First, they needed to work around existing architectural constraints and meet all code requirements. They wanted to create a safe working environment for their team, and they wanted to maximize the number of cannabis plants they could grow within their state-issued license. They also wanted to limit resource use, not only by using less energy throughout the facility, but also by purchasing grow racking and other products that would have a long lifecycle.

anti-tip vertical growing mobile system

The Solution: A Vertical Cannabis Racking

Because growing cannabis was the facility’s main purpose, the planning team needed to make decisions about the racking first. They decided to use mobile vertical cannabis racking to eliminate wasted space in the aisles and overhead, and then they needed to decide which system to purchase. Cannabis racking was a big investment, so the planning team thoroughly investigated all their options by visiting other grows and actually using various systems. After comparing the top three manufacturers of mobile vertical racking, they decided to purchase Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System.

Their Spacesaver consultant designed six GROW Mobile Systems: five for the flower rooms and one for the cloning room. Anti-tip rails and locking handles would help ensure employee safety. After the GROW system was designed and manufactured, the factory-certified crew worked efficiently to install the system and train staff on its operation.

The GROW system eliminates wasted space in the aisles and overhead.

How it Started

Only 5 tables with aisles could fit each room.

static grow room canopy area


of canopy space per room

How it's Going

Two levels of canopy space and twice as wide aisle work space.

moveable grow room canopy area


of canopy space per room


More Grow Area

vertical indoor cannabis grow systems

Integrated Solutions

Spacesaver and Hawthorne Gardening Company design their products in tandem to ensure quick and easy integration of lighting, trays, irrigation, and ventilation systems with GROW Mobile Systems.

The Result: A Sustainable and Efficient Cannabis Cultivation Facility

The Spacesaver system and Hawthorne components work together to allow the team to grow nearly three times more canopy than would have been possible with static tables. The mobile vertical racking systems also allow the team to use less energy, and the steel Spacesaver system that will last for years.

movable indoor cannabis vertical grow racking

Spacesaver and Hawthorne collaborate on product design to create a “one-stop shop” and ensure easy-to-use integration.

Want to GROW more canopy? Let’s get started.

As the only authorized Spacesaver distributor in Colorado, New Mexico, western Texas, and eastern Wyoming, MOTUS provides the products and the expertise you need to optimize space in your cannabis cultivation facility. We can answer your questions and provide drawings to help optimize space, grow more cannabis, and earn more profits.

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