Mobile Vertical Grow Racks for Cannabis

If you’re looking for ways to increase yields and profits in your cannabis cultivation business, we’re here to help. By optimizing space in large indoor grow rooms, our grow room design consultants can help you make the most of every cubic inch of your facility.

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More Cannabis Plants in the Same Space

The GROW Mobile System from Spacesaver makes the most of every cubic inch of your grow rooms. Here’s how it works: single- or multi-tiered tables slide on rails to eliminate wasted aisle space and increase cultivation area. The system’s sturdy steel racking can support marijuana plants, lights, and other systems on multiple levels up to 30 feet high. Staff can safely open aisles when they need to access plants. Converting your cannabis grow from static tables to mobile racking has big benefits. Check them out below, then connect with us to see exactly how much space you can save in your facility.

indoor cannabis grow mobile vertical racking system

cannabis indoor farming mobile system colorado

1. Eliminate Wasted Space

Mobile grow racks optimize space horizontally by eliminating empty aisles and vertically by extending up to 30 feet tall.

Cannabis grow racks slide on rails to maximize grow area. Staff can easily open isles open when and where they’re needed.

cannabis grow facility work envionment

2. Safer Workplace

In an effort to gain more canopy, some growers design their grow rooms with wide tables and narrow aisles. Because wide tables are difficult to reach across, and because narrow aisles can lead to overcrowding, that strategy can lead to staff discomfort and even injury over time. Keep your team safe with a system that optimizes their comfort as well as your grow area.

cannabis high-density mobile system lower energy costs

3. Save on Climate Control Costs

You’re paying to heat and cool your entire facility, so why waste space in the aisles and overhead? Put that space to work with a cannabis vertical grow system.

indoor vertical grow racking colorado

4. Better Growing Conditions

Overcrowded plants are often stunted and susceptible to disease. By creating more grow area in the same space, mobile vertical grow systems give plants room to breathe and better access to light without sacrificing yield.

Higher Yields
+ Lower Costs
Per Plant =
More Profits

5. Increased Profits

Increased canopy. Decreased costs per plant. Staff that’s safe and happy. When you add it all up, you’ll see that your cannabis business is simply more profitable with a mobile vertical grow system.

Consulting Services on All Aspects of Your Grow Operation

Our partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Co. brings you specialized consulting services and the best products in indoor horticulture. Hawthorne offers research-based cannabis consulting on topics such as lighting layouts and plant nutrition, along with analytical services like plant tissue analysis and disease diagnostics.

A Seamless Transition

When you’ve decided to make the switch from static benches or tables to mobile vertical grow racks, we can help make sure your renovations go as smoothly as possible. Take advantage of technical support on your new or redesigned grow rooms, from consultation to installation to long-term maintenance. We can also install your GROW Mobile Systems in phases to minimize downtime.

cultivation engineer team

How much canopy can you gain?

When you’re ready to take your cannabis grow to the next level, connect with us to see exactly how much productive space you can gain in your grow rooms. Your space assessment is free, with no obligation to buy anything — so you’ve got nothing to lose and CANOPY to gain!

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