Designer Office Lockers in a Modern Workplace

High-quality office lockers provide secure personal storage and enhance the look and feel of this downtown workplace.

Personal Storage in an Open Office

Like many other firms, this company provides “hoteling” or “hot desking” seating options in its newly renovated open office. The hoteling approach allows employees to choose different work settings throughout the day, rather than always sitting in an office or cubicle. By eliminating office walls and cubicle partitions, this office design strategy also opens up views and optimizes expensive real estate.

As the design team began working on the renovation design project, they knew that employees in open office environments need a secure place to store their personal belongings while they work. Office lockers were the obvious solution because they wanted high-quality lockers that would enhance the firm’s reputation as a great place to work.

designer lockers

Employees can focus better on their work when they know their personal belongings are secure.

Make your workplace a showplace.

Enhance your firm’s brand and your interior design with high-quality steel office lockers. Designed and custom manufactured just for your space, these designer lockers can be built into walls, partitions, or islands. Choose from a wide range of colors and finish materials.

Learn about all the options in our Day Use Lockers brochure.

Sleek Lockers as a Design Element

The design team was committed to creating a bright, appealing work environment while also optimizing the expensive square footage in the downtown building. They wanted the lockers to function as a design element, lightening up formerly dark interior hallways.

To brighten interior hallways and create a feeling of openness, the design team chose steel office lockers with high-pressure laminate fronts.

The Need for Durability

In addition to enhancing the look and feel of the renovated office, the lockers needed to be durable and easy to use. Employees would be using the lockers several times a day, so the design team wanted them to be sturdy and reliable.

The design team opted for permanently assigned lockers with combination locks and master keys that can unlock any locker. To help prevent lockouts, the office services manager can keep a roster of every employee, their assigned locker, and their combination.

The design team opted to avoid maintenance hassles by choosing sturdy, high-quality lockers and locks.

designer lockers

hot desk lockers

Bright & Appealing

The end result is a custom-made solution that’s a perfect fit for the space and the firm’s employees. The high-quality office lockers are reliable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, helping to create a more appealing workplace.

These high-quality office lockers integrate with other design elements to create a bright, appealing workplace. Their sturdy steel construction ensures reliability and durability.

Designer lockers for modern offices.

When you’re ready to design a new or renovated office space, contact us to learn more about office storage solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. We offer high-quality lockers and space-saving storage systems that are custom designed to fit your needs and your space.

Connect with us to request a free space assessment, learn more about your options, and get a quote on custom designer lockers.

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