Electronic Shelving that Moves

Store more in less space with safe, reliable powered Spacesaver shelving.

When you invest in an electronic shelving system, you want to be sure it’ll work reliably for decades. You need a storage system that saves space and moves thousands of pounds with the press of a button. You need storage that’s safe and easy to use.

Anyone can say their systems are reliable. Spacesaver proves it. Here are just a few of the ways, and you can watch this video to learn more:

Electric Shelving System Testing

Complete Component Testing

All electrical systems are fully assembled and 100% tested on-site before shipping. That includes cable connections, fully assembled electrical boxes, and microprocessor controls.

Documented Electrical Components

Spacesaver’s Electrical Assembly department follows the ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard, with a complete chain of custody. That means they keep track of all components from the moment electrical components arrive at Spacesaver to when they’re shipped.

secure high-density mobile soluionts
download power of reliability

The Power of Reliability

Thorough testing is just one of the ways Spacesaver ensures that your system will work reliably for years to come. Want to see more proof?

electric moveable shelving cycle testing

Cycle Testing

To replicate 20 years of daily use, Spacesaver’s product prototypes are subjected to up to 50,000 cycles of movement. That’s the equivalent of 20 moves (10 cycles) per day x 250 business days per year x 20 years.

Connect with the Experts in Electronic Mobile Shelving

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