How to Store PPE Supplies at Your Resort

Funding from the American Rescue Plan could be used to increase storage capacity.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resorts and casino properties are rethinking their preparedness procedures. With limited capacity and the need to keep a continual supply of masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant on hand for guests and employees, these facilities require extra back-of-house (BOH) storage space for tables, chairs, bulk preparedness supplies, and other items.

Back-of-House (BOH) Storage

Many facilities' back-of-house storage space was already at capacity before the pandemic occurred. Because BOH storage facilities do not produce money, they are frequently downsized to allow for additional floorspace in public areas.

Now the challenge is to store more in the same amount of space. That's where Motus comes in: we can help you expand storage capacity in your back-of-house storage areas without a big overhaul.

resort bulk housekeeping supply storage

Funding a Storage Project

In response to COVID-19, the American Rescue Plan offers funds for the acquisition and distribution of sanitizing supplies and personal protective equipment, as well as expenses associated to disinfecting public areas and other facilities. Read guidance from The US Treasury Department here.

Resort Storage Areas

High-Density Mobile Systems can eliminate wasted aisle space to compactly store:

resort table linens employee uniform storage
Employee Uniforms & Table Linens

resort laundry supply storage
Laundry Supplies

resort decor servingware storage solutions
Decor and Serving Ware

resort clean supply storage
Cleaning Supplies

Tips to Keep Your Staff and Guests Safe

resort electric moveable shelving systems

Reduce High-Touch Surfaces

Keypads and other high-touch surfaces can transmit disease. Help minimize risk with the TUSC™ Control App, which allows users to open and close aisles in new and retrofitted  powered mobile systems.

resort antimicrobial paint cleaning storage

Eliminate Microbes

Promote cleanliness and sanitation with an antimicrobial powder-coat finish. It contains a time-released agent to suppress the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, but it won’t affect your product’s durability, color, or performance.

resort staff locker room

Store Personal Belongings

Provide a clean, secure space for employees to store personal gear. FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers and Day Use Lockers keep belongings organized and consolidated.

Connect with Back-of-House Storage Experts

Are your resort's back-of-house storage areas bursting at the seams? Get in touch with us to be connected to a Motus consultant in your area. They'll come to your location to assess your space and determine what you need to keep, then develop storage solutions that are a perfect match. There is no cost or commitment to buy, so contact us immediately!

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