Space Saving Lab Storage Ideas

A major pharmaceutical business updates their powered mobile systems.

Chemicals, supplies, and consumable equipment are used by researchers on a daily basis and require effective storage in pharma labs. High-density storage systems save wasted aisle space, allowing you to store these things more compactly while having easy access.

The Challenge: A Reliable System with Obsolete Electronics

The smooth operation of this large pharmaceutical laboratory relies heavily on a motorized Spacesaver system. The company employs a full-time attendant who uses the system to fetch and store products such as chemicals and lab equipment, and the system is used almost continuously. In retention rooms, the corporation has two more powered Spacesaver systems that save paper records such as instrument qualifications.

All three systems worked well for decades, but the electronic components, like the rest of the facility's electronic systems, needed to be updated at some point. Spacesaver gave advance notice to the local Spacesaver consultant, who passed along the news to the client that the electronics manufacturer would no longer make or support the components.

The Solution: Updating Electronics in High-Density Shelving

The facility manager chose Spacesaver's Eclipse Powered System® with Touch TechnologyTM Control and additional safety features to replace the old electronics for three reasons:

  • Replacing the electronics would extend the system's usable life while costing a fraction of the price of a new system.
  • Downtime and interruption would be reduced thanks to the faster conversion process.
  • Modern safety features would provide considerably greater protection against system movement that isn't predicted.

Because the lab system is utilized every day, the company decided to update it to avoid any risk of downtime. The supply room's old electronics were replaced with a new, cutting-edge system over the course of a few days.

pharma chemical storage lab cabinet hvac vented

The Result: Efficient, Safe Pharma Lab Storage

The new electronic systems improved the pharmaceutical research firm's high-density shelving investment while also saving money and reducing downtime and disturbance. Staff find the new control interface more intuitive, and the enhanced safety features give them peace of mind.

Need Better Storage for Research Lab Equipment, Consumables, and Chemicals?

To access our nationwide network of space planning professionals, please contact us. They can meet online or come to your location to analyze your space and learn more about your requirements. Then they can work with you and your staff to create the ideal storage systems for your facility.

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