Keyless Spa Lockers

We helped a spa redesign their locker rooms to promote guest comfort and convenience while also adding 80 lockers in the same space.

The Challenge: Outdated Lockers and Lost Keys

This Nordic-style spa had gone to great lengths to ensure a calm and serene guest experience. The only glitch was the locker rooms, where old key-operated lockers were a constant source of frustration for staff and guests. Guests would frequently lose their keys, which resulted in inconvenience and lockers that were out of service. A reduced number of lockers meant reduced guest capacity, and staff had to spend time helping guests recover their belongings.

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In short, the “cheap” lockers were actually costing the facility in lost staff time, decreased revenue, and annoyed guests.

Staff wanted new keyless spa lockers that would save them time and help guests relax and not have to worry about lost keys. They also wanted to optimize space in order to welcome more guests, and they wanted spa lockers with a wood-look laminate finish to complement the rest of the facility’s interior design. They called on their local Spacesaver consultant for help.

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The Solution: Keyless Spa Lockers in a Creative Layout

The consultant worked with staff at the spa to design two new locker room layouts within the existing footprint. Two-tiered Spacesaver Day Use Lockers feature a steel structure finished with sleek high-pressure laminate doors, and each keyless spa locker has an RFID lock that works with custom spa wristbands. When patrons enter the locker room, they simply choose an empty locker, close the door, and hold their wristband against the panel to engage the RFID lock.

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Unlock the Potential

Choosing the Best Spa Lockers

Ready to “Unlock the Potential” of your space? Download our Day Use Lockers brochure to learn about sizes, finish options, lock options, and more.

The Result: Increased Guest Storage Space

The new locker rooms feature 80 more locker openings in the same footprint, with keyless spa lockers that maintain a feeling of spaciousness while maximizing capacity. The touchless RFID locks eliminated problems associated with lost keys.

The Spacesaver keyless spa lockers:

  • Added 80 locker openings to the same space
  • Eliminated frustration and wasted time
  • Allow guests to relax and enjoy their time at the spa

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