Military Base Storage Solutions

Save space and promote readiness with high-density storage options

If you need more storage space, you don’t necessarily have to expand into another warehouse or storeroom on base. We can help you recover underutilized space in your existing facility and put it to good use!

Here are 5 warehouses and storage areas on military bases around the US that we’ve optimized by helping our clients store more in the space they already have.

military powered pallet racking

Military Warehouse Storage

This warehouse on a large military base stores parts and equipment for vehicle maintenance. A mobilized ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System keeps inventory of all sizes organized and accessible.

Save Space in Your Armory

This Marine Corps base keeps weapons secure in Universal™ Weapons Racks (UWR®) mounted on Spacesaver mobile storage systems. Promote quick, convenient access to frequently accessed items with shelving mounted on the ends of a mobile system.

military base armory storage
military tool equipment storage system

Tool Room Storage

Save space and keep expensive tools organized and secure. This tool room in an aircraft maintenance facility uses a light-duty high-density mobile storage system to eliminate wasted space in the aisles.

How do we do it? With High-Density Mobile Storage systems. Here’s how it works.

Save Space with High-Density Storage

Eliminate wasted aisle space by mounting shelving or racking on “carriages” that move along rails.

Aircraft MRO Crate Storage

An aircraft MRO storage area at a Texas Air Force base has reduced labor hours by 97 percent and saved $40,000 per year by storing crates on the ActivRAC system instead of on the floor.

activrac aircraft mro
military parachute storage options

Parachure Storage Areas

We help keep parachutes clean and organized. Choose from stackable parachute containers on ActivRAC or cantilever ‘arms’ on a high-density storage system.

Need help planning?

YWes can explain your options and help you save space and get organized. They can visit your facility, analyze your storage needs and your work flows, and draw up plans for making the most efficient use of your space. It’s free, so take the first step and contact us today!

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