Movable Work Tables with Storage

Creating Flexible Spaces

It can be hard to find space to work on projects, so space in collections storage spaces, conservation labs, and other work places frequently has to play double duty.

Work environments may be altered on the fly thanks to movable work tables. Spacesaver's mobile tables are great for museums, archives, libraries, sporting equipment rooms, tool rooms, and more, and are available on rails or wheels in a variety of sizes.

A Prep Table that Slides on Rails

This mobile prep table in an archive creates flex space in a room that houses maps and architectural blueprints. The table may be moved out of the way to make a huge open area to receive and process materials, and also provides a level surface for employees and visiting researchers to work on active projects.

flat file moveable work table

storage mobile work station

museum archives work table

On one side, there are flat-file cabinets, while on the other, there is 4-Post shelving.

To provide easy access from all sides, the work table is normally placed near the center of the room. Staff can spin the mechanical-assist handle to move the table out of the way along rails mounted in the floor when they need more space to receive, process, or send large things or many boxes of paperwork. It's a unique spin on Spacesaver's High-Density Mobile Shelving system.

Work Table on Wheels

Objects that reflect the collector's interests in music, art, and science fiction are cared for by collection managers at this private museum. The collection contains objects of varying sizes, necessitating the creation of specialized housings to safeguard them. To reduce the danger of damage during shipment, employees want to work as close as feasible to the products' storage places.

The museum collections administrators expressed their desire for a large, mobile, all-purpose work table to their local consultant. They requested cabinets for cutters, materials for constructing conservation mounts, and other supplies, as well as huge compartments to hold ongoing work.

A moveable prep table was created by the local consultant and Spacesaver engineers. It can be moved around the collection area, and the table's wheels (also known as casters) lock in place to keep it secure. Its drawers and compartments were specially constructed to meet the needs of the workers, resulting in a functional and adaptable workspace.

"It seems like nobody ever has enough workspace, so this is a luxury for us. I can leave projects overnight and not have to worry."

- Collections Manager

Movable Work Tables for Museums, Tool Rooms, and More

Create flexible workspaces with movable work tables designed just for you. Contact us to get connected with your local rep, who can explain your options and draw up plans.

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