Next-Level Storage for Art Institutions

Maximize your visual storage capability with the Spacesaver’s Mod-Glider Pro™.

After more than a year of product testing and development, Spacesaver has delivered a new addition to its art rack porfolio, the Mod-Glider Pro was designed with the end-user in mind and focuses on the following product innovations.

Asethic Improvement

One of the highest priorities in art storage is making a greater percentage of stored works accessible to staff and visible to patrons, achieved by periodically rotating collections on and off display. Spacesaver’s new, sleek punched triangle screen offers premium aesthetics and is perfect for front-of-house exhibitions and displays. Mod-Glider Pro is designed to fit most any space and store a myriad of hanging art and collections, while allowing for system growth and reconfiguration as collections change over time.

mod glider pro art rack

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mod glider pro overhead glide system

Easy Gliding Mechanisum

Mod-Glider Pro’s lubricant-free slide design keeps art collections safe from contamination and allows for ease of screen extension, requiring minimal force to operate. Unloaded pullout art screens require no more than 15 lbs. pull force to start and continue screen-extension motion. Its floor guide rails require minimal floor anchoring to minimize intrusion and are positioned on either side of the screen to ensure smooth operation and alignment upon extension.

Spacesaver’s art racks can be fitted with different screen options depending on your need and aesthetic preference.

art rack accessories triangle screen
Punched Triangle

This screen design offers hanging accessory attachment options at both a flat and a point.  Its sleek aesthetic design offers customers another option to consider when individual preference comes into play.

art rack accessories screen welded wire

Welded Wire

This screen is rectangular in shape and is designed so that hooks don’t slide along their position. This provides a simple, economic solution.

Purpose-Built Accessories

Add any of the following art rack accessories to give you the flexibility to easily hang and display a wide array of collections of varying shapes and sizes.

art rack accessories stand hook

Standard Hook

Offers standard adjustability by connecting directly to the screens, can be moved within screen-pattern increments.

art rack accessories premium hook

Premium Hook

Ideal for collections that need exact placement of hanging relative to the viewer’s line of sight or for positioning works to be partially supported by a shelf below.

art rack accessories frame spanning hook

Fame-Spanning Hook

Using two premium hook attachments, an L-bracket, a threaded hook, and thumb screws, the frame-spanning hook allows users the ability to hang collections between screen sections.

art rack accessories standard shelve

Universal Shelf

Developed to provide a universal platform for mounting a variety of 3D collections
or as a base support for framed artwork.

art rack accessories brackets

Universal Mounting Brackets

Provide a basic screen attachment platform for custom storage solutions that support specific collections. Individual universal mounting brackets can be placed between shelves to improve strength.

art rack accessory textile roll

Rolled Textile Roll

Keep rolled textile collections organized, protected, and easily accessible. To protect stored items from potential damage, the textile roll sits on brackets, not the textile tubing.

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