How to Save Space in Healthcare/Hospital Facility Design

How to make the most of your space and promote best practices.

The cost of space in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities is high: it is costly to design, construct, and occupy. Every cubic foot of storage space is space that could be used for patient care. Given the costs of constructing and managing these facilities, there is a common misunderstanding that storage space is "wasted" because it has no visible influence on patient care and does not generate income.

This is not true! Hospitals and other healthcare facilities exist to assist people in healing, and assisting individuals in healing necessitates a variety of items, including slings, syringes, surgical tools, and much more. Those goods must be stored, whether or not space has been deliberately designated for them. Staff who operate in facilities that lack enough storage suffer the consequences: time spent going to distant storage locations, time spent moving products and hunting for supplies, and time spent dealing with inventory management concerns.

Store More in Less Space

With shelving that slides on tracks, High-Density Mobile Storage solutions save wasted aisle space. These systems are especially effective and beneficial in healthcare settings, because every cubic inch of storage space is space that may be used for patient care. Hospital pharmacies are undergoing extensive renovations in order to comply with new laws governing the storage and handling of dangerous chemicals. Because this hospital had to fit clean rooms into the pharmacy's existing footprint, compact storage made the most of the available space.

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Enhance the Patient Care Experience

This diagnostic facility needed to produce a six-fold increase in COVID testing capacity quickly. They bought three Spacesaver high-density mobile storage systems, one for materials management and two for refrigerated test kit storage. The end result? Test results are delivered faster and there is less time spent waiting.

Better Workflows and Staff Experience

Our solutions save space, enable simple access to stored commodities, and meet all health and safety criteria in this university hospital's food service storage room. Wire shelving with antibacterial coating is fitted on a powered mobile system with ZFS® safety features. Bacteria and other pathogens are discouraged by a gapless rail and an aluminum floor.

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Control Costs

To store and disperse goods, this hospital leased a computerized supply management system. The materials manager collaborated with the Spacesaver engineering team to design 4-Post shelving cabinets that fit in the available area, provided visibility, and were lockable. Since the cabinets were placed, the hospital has saved $38,000 each year.

Connect with Experts in Healthcare Storage Design

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are limited in space, and we can help you make the most of every square foot. We offer space-saving storage solutions for surgical kits, supplies, medications, and more throughout any facility, from the sterile core to the pharmacy. Want to save space and enhance workflows while simultaneously encouraging best practices in patient care at your healthcare facility? With a free consultation, you can get started right away.

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