Art Storage in an Off-Site High-Bay Facility

Consolidating, preserving, and accessing collections.

Books, periodicals, and other printed items aren't the only things stored in high-bay facilities. Off-site facilities enable secure storage for art collections while libraries and museums establish new public spaces. Off-campus storage of artwork frees up space in on-campus libraries and museums while still allowing full access to the collections.

Here's how two institutions recently grouped artwork in off-campus facilities to free up space on campus and improve collection storage conditions.

Off-Site Collection Preservation

From printed records to archival boxes to framed artwork, Texas State University - San Marcos' off-site collections preservation facility stores a wide range of resources. The facility was built with three separate preservation conditions in mind, depending on the collection's preservation demands and the comfort of staff and visiting scholars.

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Off-Site Storage for Campus Art Galleries

When this university's off-campus high-density library was extended, the planning team collaborated with Spacesaver to create a distinct room for the university's extensive art collection. Museum-quality trays, art racks, and shelves keep artwork organized, protected, and accessible. Curators from the university's art galleries can now readily browse and select items for display on campus by visiting the collections storage area.

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Room to Grow

These specially constructed structures not only provide an excellent preservation environment for pieces of art, but they also provide an excellent learning environment for students. They also make good use of space so that they can expand in the future. Assess collections carefully and predict the volume of future acquisitions to ensure that the facility has enough room to accommodate expanding collections.

Although high-bay facilities are costly to develop and operate, collaborations can help spread the cost: two universities, for example, could share a building, or a local museum could rent space from a library's off-site facility.

Connect with the Experts in Off-Site Art Storage

Make room for yourself on campus, in your library or archives, or at your museum. We can assist in the planning of an off-site facility for the storage of art collections. There is no fee or commitment to meet with your local Spacesaver consultant on site or online.

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