How to Store Deployable Military Gear

Use fiscal year-end funds to promote readiness.

Do you need a more efficient way to store and deploy military equipment? Make the most of your end-of-year funds by saving time, space, and taking control. We can help you:

  • Get organized
  • Increase readiness
  • Reduce footprint
  • Prevent property loss
  • Save time

Mobility Crate

The Mobility Crate is a deployable UTV storage rack that allows for safe and convenient access to utility terrain vehicles. This mission-ready UTV rack protects equipment while minimizing storage and deployment footprint. Although this product is built for UTVs, it may be modified to hold other bulky pre-deployment things such as snowmobiles, lighting equipment, GENSETS (generator sets), fuel bladders, shelters, and more!

deployable utv mobility crate

deployable rapid readiness box

Rapid Readiness Box

Wooden shipping boxes are inefficient in terms of time and effort. For storing and shipping deployable military gear, the Rapid Readiness Box is the best alternative to wooden containers. Store and ship expeditionary shelters, tools, communications equipment, and other military supplies in Rapid Readiness Box. This item can also be used to organize stuff in your ISU90, TriCons, and connex boxes.

Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®)

In the time-tested, transportable device that fits into shipping containers, securely store and deploy weapons and accessories.

transport secure weapon storage

deployable tricon weapon storage solution

Universal Expeditionary™ Weapons Storage System (UEWSS)

The Universal Expeditionary™ Weapons Storage System is the first custom, integrated Type 1 TriCON container that can store, ship, and support modern small arms and crew-served weapons, repair parts, and collateral gear.

Got Funds?

We have the best solution for storing and deploying your military equipment.

Work smarter, not harder, and get the most of your EOY dollars. Your local consultant can meet with you in person or over the phone to assess your storage and deployment requirements, as well as write up strategies to assist you and your unit save time and space. To schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us. There is no fee or obligation, so get started right away.

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