Physical Education & School Sports Storage

Save Space & Time with Storage Solutions from Spacesaver

Coaches and physical education teachers need quick access to P.E. equipment and sports gear. No room for storage? No problem! We’ll show you how you can save time and keep sports equipment organized!

Store More in Less Space

Compact mobile storage optimizes even the smallest spaces to conveniently store sports equipment. Here’s how it works:

Spacesaver mobile systems use shelving on rails to eliminate wasted space.

It’s a great way to organize sports gear and streamline inventory processes for P.E. classes and school sports at the elementary, middle school, or high school level.



Storing Athletic Equipment at a Middle School

With a rapidly growing student population, a wide variety of popular sports programs, and a tight budget, the design team for this new middle school knew they needed a reconfigurable and budget-friendly sports storage solution.

They opted for a Wheelhouse High-Density Mobile Storage System, which would store lots of uniforms and equipment in a small space. In the future, the system could also be easily moved if needed.


Secure Sports Equipment Storage

This high school’s new addition gave staff the chance to improve athletic equipment storage for multiple sports. The coaches and team managers wanted to optimize the available space and keep supplies and equipment secure.

They found the best solution in a Spacesaver high-density mobile storage system with locking tambour doors. Creative custom accessories store balls and other gear. The multi-sport storage area has become such a point of pride that it’s now featured on school tours.

high school basketball equipment storage system

Custom Wraps Are Spirit Boosters

School sports storage can look cool! Your MOTUS consultant can have your school’s custom graphics applied to your new Spacesaver system.


Creating “Zones” for Football Team Storage

This high school football team’s gear was stored in small “cages,” making it difficult to find equipment when coaches and managers requested it. The staff worked with Spacesaver to design “zones” for helmets, shoulder pads, totes, and other gear inside a compact mobile system that fits perfectly in the small space.

Uniforms and gear are now secure and easy to find.

Check Out this School’s Zone Concept
high school football equipment room space planning

Get the Best Sports Storage

When you want the best sports storage for your school’s physical education classes or athletics programs, connect with the experts at MOTUS. As the only authorized Spacesaver dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Texas, we can work with you to design a system that saves space and stores more gear securely.

Contact us today to set up a free, no obligation consultation!

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