Athletic Equipment Storage

Organizing Gear & Saving Space

MOTUS Space Solutions is proud to partner with Spacesaver to provide world-class athletic equipment storage solutions. Over the years we’ve developed a fool-proof method to design and re-organize sports gear storage areas.

Designate a Space for Storage

We’ve seen that athletic equipment managers often struggle to stay organized if their equipment room is over capacity. They might be storing items under stadium seating, or they might need to stash boxes in locker rooms or even in their offices. This makes it difficult to find equipment, take inventory, and ensure that all items are on hand for games and practice.

athletic sotrage room organization solutions

athletic equipmetn room moving shelves

When athletic equipment storage areas are well-organized, they help managers, coaches, and trainers to keep accurate inventory, stock and retrieve items efficiently, and ultimately make sure athletes get what they need when they need it. Working in well-organized spaces also improves staff morale and performance. Aside from pure function, we’ve seen that equipment rooms and locker rooms are featured on recruit tours. Recruits consider a number of factors when deciding which university to attend, including a team’s record, the coaching style, and the athletic facilities, among other factors. Be sure your equipment room reflects your team’s commitment to excellence.

Creating a well-organized athletic equipment storage area will help:

  • Keep accurate inventory
  • Respond quickly to requests from coaches and players
  • Appeal to recruits
  • Stay organized at all times, even during away games
  • Promote staff satisfaction and improve morale

Make the Most of the Available Space

Space around athletic facilities is in high demand, and any room that’s used for storage is an area that could be used for training, physical therapy, or other functions. At the same time, teams need to store tremendous amounts of gear that’s essential to the athletes’ safety and success.

To store more gear in the space you have available, consider installing a Spacesaver athletic storage system. In these high-density storage systems, rolling shelves compactly store a variety of items.

  • Shelving slides along rails in the floor
  • Aisles open with the turn of a handle or press of a button
  • Interiors can be customized to optimize space inside the shelving units
  • Custom graphics give a sleek appearance
  • Optional roll-down doors and locking aisles enhance security

Spacesaver athletic storage systems store more gear in less space.

Consider Consolidating Storage to Save Time & Save Space

Another strategy to save space and staff time is to store gear for multiple sports together. For instance, this university stores uniforms and equipment for multiple sports in a Spacesaver high-density storage system. The university is able to consolidate laundry, physical therapy, and athletic equipment storage into one facility that houses all sports equipment and services.

Volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, and other sports are stored in this compact mobile storage system. Athletic equipment storage for each sport is organized by aisle. For instance, an aisle can be opened to access lacrosse gear on either side.

softball equipment storage

Storage can Double as Display

Storage can even function as display. This university’s softball team stores their bats, uniforms, and other gear on this Spacesaver system, which was placed against a large window and is configured with an open display area.

When located next to a window, a high-density shelving system serves as a display near the building entrance.

Keep it Secure

Athletic equipment is expensive, so make sure your storage area is secure. Roll-down tambour doors and locking aisles add an extra layer of security for peace of mind. Electronically powered Spacesaver systems can be accessed with PIN code or badge swipe, and they can be configured to provide an audit trail.

Tambour doors roll down and lock for added security.

Does your athletic equipment storage need an overhaul? Connect with the storage experts.

Whether you’re planning a renovation, a new equipment room, or simply need to fine-tune your gear storage areas, we can help make the most of your space and ensure that athletic equipment is protected, organized, and ready to go.

MOTUS is the only authorized Spacesaver distributor in Colorado, New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Texas. We’re here for you at all stages of your project, from sketching out ideas, through product installation and staff training, to long-term maintenance. There’s no cost and no obligation, so schedule a consultation today!

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