Choosing The Best Cannabis Grow Racks

Vertical mobile racking systems allow a cultivation facility to triple its canopy.

The planning and design team for this cannabis cultivation firm took a data-driven approach when they converted a warehouse into a modern cannabis grow. Cannabis racking was a big investment, so they carefully investigated their options before making the decision.

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Lower Profile

sustainable indoor vertical racking system

Power-coated Components

enclosed mechanisms vertical grow racking

Enclosed Mechanisms

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Local Support

They visited different cultivation facilities to see Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System cannabis grow racks in action, as well as the vertical mobile grow racks of the other top two competitors. After looking at all three systems and evaluating all their options, they decided Spacesaver’s system would be the best long-term investment.

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Triple Your Canopy

Download the GROW brochure to see how mobile vertical racking systems integrate with your cannabis operation.

Here are the factors that convinced them to go with Spacesaver:

  • Long-term Local Support

    Some racking manufacturers cut corners by flying in an installation crew or even asking their clients to assemble the racking themselves. The planning team liked the fact that the San Francisco-based Spacesaver distributorship employs full-time, factory certified technicians who performed the installation and will always be available to help out with service and maintenance.

  • Enclosed Mechanisms

    The front of each carriage is finished with a powder-coated steel panel to isolate interior mechanisms from moisture.

  • Lower Profile

    Low-profile wheels in a dual-flange guidance system maximize vertical growing space and provide decades of smooth reliable operation with our patented drop-in wheel assemblies.

  • Powder-coated Components

    Spacesaver’s GROW White paint offers antimicrobial protection, high reflectivity, and corrosion resistance. Even components that are typically concealed, like the line shaft, are protected with powder-coat paint.

All the research and planning has paid off. Now the team is growing 278% more canopy than they would have with single tables (see how they did it here). They also have the satisfaction of knowing they’ve purchased a safe, sturdy, and reliable system that will last for years.

Connect With The Experts In Cannabis Grow Racks

With nearly 50 years in business, Spacesaver has been a trusted partner to universities and other institutions for decades. Now we’ve brought our expertise to the indoor cannabis cultivation industry, with robust engineering and project management teams supporting your local Spacesaver distributorship. Contact us to get connected to your local cannabis consultants, who can assess your space and answer your questions for free.

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