Cold Storage in Museums

Cold storage is expensive storage. Here at MOTUS, we partner with Spacesaver to help a variety of clients make the best possible use of their cold storage space. Read on to see how we worked with a Denver museum.

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Cold storage is essential for the long-term preservation of film, animal pelts, and other items that tend to deteriorate relatively quickly. That’s why a growing number of museums are installing freezers and coolers to create optimal storage conditions for their collections.

This museum in Denver, for instance, built a cooler and a freezer to house its image collection. Film, photographic prints, and other materials had previously been stored in various locations around the museum, and staff wanted to consolidate the collection in climate-controlled spaces. This would preserve the materials and organize them more effectively.

denver cold storage preservation

Spacesaver helps save time, improve energy efficiency, and protect priceless collections.

Colorado museum cold preservation room

Needless to say, operating a cooler and freezer is expensive, both in terms of energy consumption and a museum’s bottom line. In order to build a cold storage space that would allow for future growth while still occupying the smallest space available, the project team worked with Spacesaver to create a compact storage system. Spacesaver compactors equipped with mechanical-assist handles eliminate wasted aisle space while improving organization and accessibility.

Now the museum is protecting its collections in a state-of-the-art cold storage facility. Spacesaver helped the museum and its staff save time and protect collections, while also saving space, conserving energy, and saving money over the long term.

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Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems have been trusted by museums for decades. These systems preserve collections while also keeping them organized and protected.

As the only authorized Spacesaver distributor in Colorado, New Mexico, eastern Wyoming, and western Texas, MOTUS is here to provide design insights, professional installation, and long-term maintenance. Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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