Storing more stuff in less space not only saves space — it also saves resources. See how our high-density storage systems help save on construction costs and operating costs.

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Adaptive Re-Use & Flex Spaces

One of the best ways to conserve resources is to renovate an existing building instead of building new.
Clients often come to us because they’re trying to find space for technology and collaboration while still maintaining ever-growing inventory. By mounting shelving units on compact storage systems, or by moving items off-site, our clients can free up space for collaborative work areas, new technology, or more workstations for growing teams.

Space for More Materials

High-density racking created more storage space in this warehouse for building materials and other supplies and equipment. The racking slides on rails to eliminate wasted space in the aisles. See how high-density storage works.

Space for Technology

The books on the second floor of this library were moved to off-site shelving, and the space was adapted to accommodate modern technology. The area serves as a classroom during the day and as a study area at night.

Modern Space Off-site Storage

Space for New Employees

This business needed more offices to accommodate new employees, so printed materials and promotional items were consolidated on high-density shelving to save space.

Space for Programs

This library’s bookstore opens for business in the morning and closes at night, freeing up space for after-hours receptions and other programming.

CLosed Open

Need more space? You might have more options than you think! Contact us for creative ideas on how to make the most of your existing building.

Cold Storage

Our clients know that cold storage is expensive storage. We help them save space and reduce resource consumption.

Consolidating inventory to save space and cut energy costs.

Executives at this composites formatting firm considered three options for gaining more space for inventory: they could rent frozen storage space, build a new freezer with conventional push-back racking, or build a new freezer with high-density racking.

A thorough analysis determined that building a new freezer and installing an ActivRAC™ Mobilized Storage System inside would be the most cost-effective option. That’s because the ActivRAC system allows the pallet racking to move on rails, eliminating empty aisle space and allowing more product to be stored in a smaller footprint.

Composite Formatting Facility

The system has been up and running since 2016. When staff need to retrieve items or place them in storage, they can open aisles at the point of need with the simple push of a button or via Bluetooth command.

Spacesaver’s mobile racking systems eliminate empty aisles, which allows virtually any facility to:

Save Space

High-density shelving systems slide on rails, allowing more items to be stored in less space.

Reduce Energy Costs

These systems create a smaller, more densely packed storage area, which means lower costs for heating and cooling.

Improve Labor Productivity

By allowing 100% accessibility and a more compact storage area, high-density storage eliminates unnecessary touches and reduces travel times between tasks..

Natural History Museum

The museum is protecting its collections in a state-of-the-art cold storage facility. Spacesaver helped the museum and its staff save time and protect collections, while also saving space and saving money over the long term.

Creating ideal preservation conditions and reducing energy consumption.

Because cold storage is essential for the long-term preservation of film, animal pelts, and other items that tend to deteriorate quickly, a growing number of museums are installing freezers and coolers to create optimal storage conditions for their collections.

This museum built a cooler and a freezer to house its image collection. Film, photographic prints, and other materials had previously been stored in various locations around the museum, and staff wanted to consolidate the collection in climate-controlled spaces in order to preserve the materials and organize them more effectively.

The museum needed a solution that would:

  • Protect the collection
  • Save space
  • Conserve Energy
  • Improve organization and efficiency
  • Comply with applicable building codes

In order to build a cold storage space that would allow for future growth while still occupying the smallest space available, the project team worked with Spacesaver to create a compact storage system. Spacesaver compactors equipped with mechanical-assist handles eliminate wasted aisle space while improving organization and accessibility.

Grow Facilities

The air inside indoor grow facilities must be controlled for temperature and humidity. The larger the facility, the greater the resource use.

Our vertical racking systems help optimize space and create ideal conditions for plant growth and development. For decades, Spacesaver’s ActivRAC™ Mobilized Storage Systems have been moving heavy loads over long spans on military bases and in industrial warehouses throughout North America. Because the Spacesaver system is so strong, it’s able to support two or more levels of plants, lights, fans, and irrigation systems.

After an indoor growing mobile system was installed, this facility nearly doubled its yields in the room. The increased productivity in that room justified the need for new vertical farming systems in additional rooms. In each phase we worked with staff to minimize disruption and downtime, timing the new system installation to coincide with the end of each room’s harvest.

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